Pete Wentz relaunches Decaydance Records


By Alan Ho

Out goes Decaydance, in comes DCD2.  That is the word of the game as Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz announced in a recent interview with Rolling Stone that he is relaunching his label Decaydance under the aformentioned name DCD2.

“I’m saying it’s an ‘expansion’ of what Decaydance was,” he laughs. “We’ve always tried to do what Jay Z did with Roc-A-Fella, so maybe this is our RocNation. It’s going to be home to some of the past Decaydance artists who are still making music, plus a couple of new artists that represent the next logical step forward.”

Panic! at the Disco, Cobra Starship (rumored big announcement soon), Travie McCoy (also Gym Class Heroes) and Fall Out Boy will continue as the flagship acts on the roster.  However, the label has added two new acts, Lolo, a singer-songwriter who was featured on Panic!’s new single “Miss Jackson” and New Politics, a Danish rock group who have opened for FOB extensively in the past.

“One of the things about this label is that the artists are friends; we tour together, work together, have fun together. It’s always authentic,” Wentz explains in the Rolling Stone interview . “And when Fall Out Boy took time off, I was thinking of what the next chapter of it would be. And with Lolo, who’s got such exciting songs, and New Politics, who I’ve always wanted to take under my wing, I think we’ve got it.”

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