The Spotlight

By Alan Ho


Who:  The Resolution
Where:  Downers Grove, Illinois
For fans of:  5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low, The Starting Line, McFly, Every Avenue, Honor Society, Push Play, Bad Suns

The last pop/rock group to strike gold that came from the suburbs of Chicago is Fall Out Boy.  That was a lifetime ago.  Fast forward to 2014 and we may have finally come upon the next potential great group to strike the same gold as Fall Out Boy did out of the Chicago suburbs!

The Resolution is the stemming result of Division One (Opened for bands such as Hollywood Ending, The After Party, Sandlot Heroes, Rival Summers, Love Out Loud) breaking up about a year ago and two members of the group, Brian Moroney and Trevor Utz decided to form their own group and christened it The Resolution.   The duo became a quartet as they added bassist/vocalist Patrick Mitchell and drummer Robby Kulik full time. 

The group offers an infectious blend of upbeat and airy arena pop/rock with catchy choral lines, attention-grabbing harmonies and a trio of vocals each offering something to the table.  Think McFly meets Fall Out Boy meets All Time Low. 

What is next for this potential breakout act?  Their debut EP Hometown Heroes already has been released and the group has just released a brand new music video that was shot along Santa Monica and Venice Beach.  In fact, the group has already made their move into SoCal, but make no mistake, Downers Grove, Illinois will always be where they came from.

Video: Hometown Heroes



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