Lorde gets lampooned by Weird Al Yankovic (The Premiere Box Special)


By Alan Ho

It is often said that if you get any of your hit songs lampooned and parodied by Weird Al Yankovic (unless you’re Coolio, Eminem, Prince, people who handle James Blunt and some people in Lady Gaga’s camp), you have officially made it in the music business and anything else that happens afterwards is just cherries on the top.

Well Lorde, in that case, you have finally made it.  So have you, Robin Thicke (“Blurred Lines” becomes “Word Crimes”).  Ditto for you Pharrell (turns “Happy” into “Tacky”)

Instead of “Royals,” Weird Al brings you….”Foil.”  Presented by the fine folks at CollegeHumor.

Watch.  Prepare to be…FOILED.  And if you thought it was only about what to do with your leftover food…watch the second half.  And the ending.  Oh, Patton Oswalt.

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