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By Alan Ho

Who:  Never Let This Go
Where:  Tempe, AR
For fans of:  All Time Low, The Maine, Every Avenue, Yellowcard, the All-American Rejects

Arizona’s alternative and rock scenes have long been considered historic and somehow yet underrated, bringing the likes of Alice Cooper, Jimmy Eat World, The Format, The Word Alive, Authority Zero, Job for a Cowboy and more recently, The Maine and The Summer Set.

Could we add this latest upstart from Tempe?  Perhaps we can.  Enter in Never Let This Go.  Formed in 2012, frontman David Kleinebreil and company have made the slow and long journey to the precipice of potential breakout, bringing their energetic take on alternative rock (think Jimmy Eat World meets Yellowcard meets All Time Low) to the stage, sharing it with the likes of Go Radio, Set It Off and This Providence.  The foursome recorded their debut EP just over two years ago with Greeley Estates’ rhythm guitarist David Ludlow and are currently set to drop their second EP, also produced by Ludlow (and A Change of Pace’s Dan Parker) on August 23 titled Remember.

Why on the precipice of potential breakout?  Say what you want about what the South by Southwest Festival has become, but it is still THE premiere destination and place for unsigned indie acts like Never Let This Go to truly showcase themselves to a variety of people that can potentially take them to places higher than ever imagined.  And that is exactly what the group has done, recently wowing audiences in multiple showcase shows at SXSW this year.

The Maine and The Summer Set have formed a pretty powerful and talented duo to recently come out of the Grand Canyon State.  Could Never Let This Go join them to form a trio?  Time will tell but given their potential and talent, that time could come a whole lot sooner!


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