The Spotlight (x2)


By Alan Ho

Everything is good with the world when you can double it up.  And this edition of The Spotlight brings the rare double where The Spotlight doesn’t hit up just one act that needs to be seen and heard by you, the music fan, but TWO.  You heard it right, TWO.  So here we go…

The Narrative:


Where:  New York City
For fans of:  Destry, Straylight Run, Bon Iver, KONGOS, Mae

Not every music act needs to be an overnight sensation.  Sometimes slow and steady makes for some enduring music and for this now NYC folk-pop duo, they have certainly made some enduring music that until now somehow resided in the periphery of the music world.  The Spotlight now wonders how they missed this one back in 2006 but is glad the light is on them before they become likely breakout candidates before the end of the year!

Suzie Zeldin (some may know her as one of the key parts of the Chris Carrabba fueled supergroup Twin Forks) and Jesse Gabriel combine their musical influences of ska, 60’s punk rock, hip-hop and emo with modern influences like synthpop into a highly ambient, ethereal and yet rich musical tapestry that can only be described as “unique.”

Take a watch.  And a listen to what The Narrative are all about in their recently released music video “Chasing a Feeling.”  And by the end of the video and song, you might end up wanting to chase them yourself!



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Lily and Madeleine:


Where: Indianapolis, Indiana
For fans of:  HAIM, Megan & Liz, Sufjan Stevens, Jon McLaughlin, Bob Dylan, Florence Welch, Ed Sheeran

It has been a long while since The Spotlight has gone back to the state in which Musiqtone was born in (September 22, 2002 at Indiana’s Purdue University), which was nearly ten years ago.  The Spotlight (formerly You Gotta Know) now goes down 65 miles south to Indianapolis for this young teenaged sister duo that blends a combination of folk, pop and pop/rock and a unique, almost unheard of vocal blend that caught the eye of Sufjan Stevens’ Asthmatic Kitty Records and also the eye of fellow Hoosier John Mellencamp when he asked the sisters to lay down guest vocals on his musical Ghost Brothers of Darkland County last year.

Speaking of last year, they were quite the busy duo,  laying down the foundation of their self-titled debut album, playing two sold out shows in Indianapolis and an appearance on CBS’ morning show This Morning. 

Now the girls are about to end the year as bona fide candidates for breakout by next year as they are set to release their sophomore effort, Fumes on October 28. 

And if you need to know why they are about to drive on the road that could catapult these girls into a stratosphere that only Hoosiers like John Mellencamp, Michael Jackson and Axl Rose have touched, here’s a couple videos, one from nine months ago and their NPR performance earlier this year!


Come to Me (Vevo):

Lily & Madeleine (NPR Music Tiny Desk session):


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