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By Luanne Lim

Shortly after the re-release of their debut album, I put lead vocalist and songwriter, Zach Porter in the virtual hot seat. Read what he had to say about the band name, the songs on the album and any future plans…

Luanne Lim: What is the story behind the band’s name?
Zach Porter: It’s not really supposed to mean anything in particular and was just the result of trying to come up with a band name. To me I guess I just think there’s a consequence, no matter how small or large, for most things you do. Sometimes the connotation is good, sometimes bad. Either way, I’m just pulling this answer out of my ass haha.

LL: Who are some of your musical influences?
ZP: I try to listen to lots of stuff. A lot of soul, country, and 60s and 70s rock stuff.

LL: Is there a specific theme running through your self-titled debut album? If so, what is it?
ZP: There’s no specific theme but I did take the narrative very seriously and made sure that the perspective stayed true throughout (apart from “Main Girl”). I like the idea of an album and for me to make something that felt like an album, I didn’t want a love song followed by a break up song. In some contexts, that works. But most of the time when I’m listening to an album and I hear ten songs with ten different perspectives, I’m not inspired to listen the whole way through. I get the need to of many artists to just pack an album full of potential singles but if I had to sing songs from ten different perspectives every night on stage I’d get tired and uninspired pretty quickly.

LL: There appears to be several metaphors and hidden meanings behind the songs on the album. Did you purposely write each track to be read into and interpreted in a certain way or is it open to interpretation by each individual listener?
ZP: It’s definitely whatever you want it to be. All those poetic devices make me feel a certain way and I never really had intent further than that.

LL: For this debut album, I’ve read you’ve worked with producer Jason Lehning. Are there any other artists or producers you would like to collaborate or write with for future albums? Who would they be?
ZP: I haven’t really thought about it. This next record I’m doing totally differently and I want it to have all the songs done in some form before I go into work with someone. I hope they mutate once I’m in a recording situation, but right now I’m focused on writing and won’t fully know what the production needs to be until it’s done. I think our next record will put a big emphasis on the performance of the music but how exactly we go about that, I’m not sure.

LL: What is your favorite song off of the album?
ZP: Live, “Everyday.” Recording, “Fever.”

LL: What is your favorite lyric that you’ve written?
ZP: I don’t think I can answer that.

LL: The band has played a few shows, went on a couple of tours within the past year. Are there any more tours in the works?
ZP: Yes. Stay tuned for later this fall.

LL: The album has been recently re-released through Washington Square after a year of originally being self-released. Can fans hope for a brand new album somewhere in the near future?
ZP: Yes. I can’t give a date, but it’s being worked on.

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