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Who:  Hey Violet
Where:  Los Angeles, CA
Sounds like:  5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low, Garbage, Foo Fighters, Paramore

Sometimes a simple retooling is all you need to break through and that is exactly what fast rising pop-punk outfit Hey Violet has done.  The former Cherri Bomb, who were not only on this very feature about 3 and a half years ago but also earned a Hot Seater let co-founding member Julia Pierce go due to creative differences and asked guitarist Casey Moreta to replace her on an interim basis.  This culminated in a permanent role for Moreta and just this past February, the group pressed the reset button by changing the name to Hey Violet

As Hey Violet, the reset resulted in a quick ascent with a new single in March, which caught the eye of Hi Or Hey Records, a label in partnership with Capitol Records created by breakout pop/rockers 5 Seconds of Summer.  Their sound has changed a tiny bit from their Cherri Bomb, now reveling in its catchy pop-punk goodness that turned Paramore and All Time Low into alt-rock superstars.

So folks. If you love your pop-punk in all it’s catchy glory with kick-ass personalities to boot and you missed them as Cherri Bomb, then time to step into this still-young (3/4 of Cherri Bomb were ONLY 11 or 12 years old when it all started in 2008) and ultra-talented group and enjoy the fun, wild (and prank-filled) ride!  

To catch what they are all about musically, check out debut video “This Is Why” and subsequent vid “I’m There!” And also catch Vevo premiere “I Can Feel It!”  Also catch them opening for (prank victims) 5 Seconds of Summer on tour NOW!

This Is Why (official video):

I’m There (official video):

I Can Feel It:


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