The Spotlight


By Gabriella San Felipe

Who: Purple
Where: Beaumont, TX
Sounds like: No Doubt, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Breeders

Unapologetically themselves, Purple is an Indie Rock three piece who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Over the past few years they’ve established their own unique sound, and have gone from playing shows in small-town Texas to opening for bands like Twenty One Pilots. Vocalist and drummer Hannah Brewer is a lit firecracker, and while guitarist and vocalist Taylor Busby, and bassist Joe Cannariato seem to be a little more laid back, all three know how to party.

Growing up in a small town didn’t hold back the trio. Instead, it ignited a passion in them that is obvious through their music. In an interview with Musiqtone, when asked how growing up in conservative Texas had an influence on the band, Hanna stated, “I was a little kid and it seemed like there was a lot of hatred, but they were always preaching love and that made me really mad. That’s why we started playing punk rock.”

Along with influences from the punk rock scene, Purple have incorporated reggae and hip-hop elements into their music, managing to combine each sound into perfect cohesion. Each member of the band brings their own individual flare, whether it’s Hannah’s wail, Taylor’s epic guitar solos, or Joe’s steady bass. Purple are fun, loud, and playful, making them the perfect party jam for any night.

Video:  Mini Van

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