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By Luanne Lim

Who: Beth Ditto
Where: Searcy, Arkansas
For fans of: Adele, Elle King, Amy Winehouse

If there was any artist out there that would be the epitome of confidence, girl power and punk-rock, it would be Beth Ditto. Hailing from Arkansas, this female crooner has roots in the south, but has a voice that is said to be reminiscent of some Motown greats.

Ditto began her singing career when she was 18. She became frontwoman of The Gossip, a punk-rock trio that hit the mainstream in 2006. Gossip took the U.K. by storm with the release of their third album, Standing in the Way of Control. After releasing five studio albums, they disbanded in 2016.

Beth Ditto has since turned into a solo artist in both music and fashion worlds. As the lead singer in Gossip, Ditto wasn’t just known for her unique and powerful voice, but also for her unconventional and flamboyant wardrobe. Just last year, the songstress unveiled her second plus-sized clothing collection, that was sold exclusively on her website.

This year, the singer-songwriter has focused her attention on her solo music career. The outspoken songstress has recently released her debut solo album, Fake Sugar.  Officially released on June 16, Fake Sugar marks Ditto’s step away from her Gossip days and into her own musical stylings.

With summer just around the corner, you might want to check out this kickbutt artist. After all, who doesn’t like to roll down their windows and jam to an album full of feel-good and empowering songs?


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