More Too Early Prognostications for the 2019 Grammys

By Alan Ho

Back again folks.  Summoning just enough of that special power for another edition!  Let’s get the show on the road…

Song of the Year


All The Stars (Kendrick Lamar & SZA)
Boo’d Up (Ella Mai)
God’s Plan (Drake)
In My Blood (Shawn Mendes)
The Joke (Brandi Carlile)
The Middle (Zedd, Maren Morris ft. Grey)
Shallow (Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper)
This Is America (Childish Gambino)

Prediction:  This Is America
Who will win:  This Is America
Who should win:  The Middle

Let’s face it folks, the Academy will send another subliminal message to the politicos over in DC, specifically one.  They did it last year, they’re not afraid to do it again.  Too bad for “The Middle,” which should be getting Song of the Year honors.  Zedd hit the zeitgeist with this one with his cadre of songwriters, combining earworm lyrics with something we call “It.”  Yes, “This Is America” also has “It” but it feels like it only wins because of the current state of affairs and feels a bit political, but hey, we live in interesting times.

Best Pop Solo Performance


Colors- Beck
Havana (Live)- Camila Cabello
God Is A Woman- Ariana Grande
Joanne- Lady Gaga
Better Now- Post Malone

Prediction:  God Is A Woman
Who will win:  God Is A Woman
Who should win:  God Is A Woman

Expect Ariana Grande to break her 0 for 4 streak in nominations and break through this year,  This is a strong field, although Beck’s inclusion feels like the Academy stuck him there for the sake of just giving him a nomination.  But in the end, expect the Academy to finally give Grande what she deserves.

Best Pop Vocal Album


Camila:  Camila Cabello
Meaning Of Life:  Kelly Clarkson
Sweetener:  Ariana Grande
Shawn Mendes:  Shawn Mendes
Beautiful Trauma:  P!nk
Reputation:  Taylor Swift

Prediction:  Reputation – Taylor Swift
Who will win:  Reputation – Taylor Swift
Who should winMeaning Of Life – Kelly Clarkson

The Academy loves Taylor Swift and they will always love Taylor Swift.  Yes, what she has done is nearly unprecedented, at least for this current era of pop music.  I think in reality, Taylor takes this one over Ariana Grande because of how the Academy votes these days in this unusually strong category this time around.  But who really should win?  Kelly Clarkson.  You want to talk transformation?  Now that’s a transformation.  She transcends the genre, going from Idol-accessible to rebel pop/rocker to dance-pop to where she grew up:  gospel-pop-R&B and on the label that launched the career of her idol, Aretha Franklin.  And the Academy should recognize that.

That is all the power I can summon right now.  I’ll be taking a 4 day break, at least to recharge.  See you on the other side and Happy New Year!

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