The Critics Corner | Aly and AJ’s New EP Sanctuary promises a great comeback


By Amaris Rodriguez

Pop sister duo Aly and AJ are changing the wholesome perception some of their audience might still carry from their days on the Disney Channel with their EP Sanctuary.

The 5 track EP sheds any Disney sound that could have remained while maintaining the appeal that drew fans to Aly and AJ the first time around. 

The lyrics of the first track of the EP immediately prove that with the sisters singing “I do bad things for the sake of good times. I don’t, I don’t regret. Call me what you will. Yeah, I am in it for the thrill.” The lyrics are edgy enough to draw you in and the haunting vocals at the beginning add to that intrigue. As the beat picks up, a catchy track is revealed.

“Don’t Go Changing,” also reveals enticing lyrics and an even more infectious beat that will have fans dancing their way to the end of the track and wanting to hit the replay button.

The songs selected for this EP complement each other in keeping listeners caught up in the beats and effortlessly moving from one track to another. Every track works well with one another and while I would have liked a slow song to break up the dance beats, here is to hoping it will show up on the full album. Despite the lack of slow song, I did find my favorite track on this EP in “Star Maps.” The sisters vocals really shine on this track, making it one of the strongest on the EP and a shoo-in for crowd favorite.

“Not Ready to Wake Up,” is a strong track but it is properly placed in the album as it isn’t as memorable as the others.

The final track on the EP is also the title track, “Sanctuary,” and the best one featured. Aly and AJ’s vocals work fantastically on this dance pop song that will sure to be a hit for the sisters.

Long gone are their days of Disney Channel approved songs but their fans have matured and grown up with the duo making the change of direction for their music and especially the lyrics appropriate. Sanctuary gives listeners enough to want more and we will be waiting with anticipation until the full album drops.

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Rating:  4.0 out of 5

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