HALFNOISE drops new single, album release date


By Alan Ho

Zac Farro’s psych pop project dropped today (Friday September 13) a new single titled “Natural Disguise,” the title track from the project’s upcoming album, due out October 4.  The song follows previously released tracks “Boogie Juice” and “Who Could You Be.”

The song started off as a New Year’s resolution, a revelation borne out of Zac’s steady diet of the classic rock he grew up listening to and “honest” living.  Says Zac,  “It was like a lightning bolt hit me. I seriously feel this record is like nothing I’ve done before. It feels like step one, in the form of an asteroid.”

Take a listen.  Also below the stream, check the track listing and album art!

Album tracklist and cover:


1. “Woodstock Snap”
2. “Who Could You Be”
3. “Guess”
4. “Boogie Juice / Apple man”
5. “Natural Disguise”
6. “Moody Disco Blue”
7. “Know It’s Her”
8. “Cinnamon Sugar”
9. “This Groove is Divine”
10. “Get Gone”
11. “The Pick Up the Put Down”
12. “Beautiful Someone”
13. “Daisy”

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