The Venue: Lights

lights_bigBy Valerie Roder—Asst. Regional Head: Pacific/Southwest

It was a Friday night in Los Angeles: people strolling down the streets, cars swerving and honking in traffic, and music bumping from every bar. Despite the unvarying weekend setting in the Hollywood social scene, a change could be found in a small building on Cahuenga Boulevard, known as the Hotel Cafe.

Upon walking into the venue, the intimate, dark, and cozy environment embraces you as you begin a musical journey for the night. The journey for this particular Friday night was lead by Canadian singer and songwriter, Lights. With Los Angeles being Lights last stop on her Lights.Acoustic tour, the excitement and anticipation struck the faces of all as they waited for the show to start.

After the opening act, Jesse Thomas finished her short set, Lights appeared in the spotlight with her guitar and smile. She first gave a quick introduction of herself and her music, and then began to play. She played audience favorites February Air, The Listening, and Quiet and switched between using the piano and guitar throughout the night. Not only did Lights play audience favorites, but she surprised her fans by performing a few new songs, including Cactus In the Valley. The performances were phenomenal but what made Lights’s show most memorable were the side notes she would add during her songs, which gave the audience a glimpse of her optimistic and fun personality.

Overall, Lights.Acoustic was an amazing show. Her raw and airy voice was the star of the show and worked well with the acoustic setup. It was fresh to hear her voice express its liberty, holding out notes unlike on her produced albums. Lights choice to ditch the keytar and galactic synth was wise, and the audience’s appreciation of her honesty and heartfelt performance was illustrious that Friday night. 

For more info on Lights, visit her Myspace or Official Site!

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