The Spotlight

By: Ashley Rosenberg

Who:  Luigi DeSanti
Where: Trieste, Italy

Why he is being Spotlighted:
Trieste, a city in northeastern Italy has brought us the musical talent of Luigi de Santi.  Luigi is a classically trained musician who musical roots grew throughout his childhood.  His musical career could have taken a wrong turn as his experience at a music academy almost took away his interest and excitement about music.  After realizing that he was not a fan of the strict rules at the academy, he began to expand his musical endeavors to progressive rock, acoustic, and folk music.  He has played several instruments in several bands and has finally started to come into his own.  He works to create music and lyrics that are full, rich, and just might begin to inspire a wave of change.

Luigi and his cousin, Giulio have worked together to create a collection of songs that are both musically and vocally intriguing.  They aim for their music to touch people deeply and inspire.  Their newest effort, and album to be released on May 8 called Deja Vu has musical stylings from the 60’s and 70’s in the de Santi’s progressive rock sound.  You can stream samples of each song from the new album on their website:

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