The Hot Seat/The Venue

Mike Deleasa

Mike DeleasaBy Kristin Mangone

Who:  Mike Deleasa
Where:  New Jersey
For fans of:  Jonas Brothers, Honor Society, Push Play, Action Item

When Mike Deleasa and his band Deleasa announced he was opening up for Boyce Avenue on a few of their east coast dates I was very excited to hear his music live because I was a fan of his previous project Forever Seven and knew he was a very talented musician. I was lucky enough to be able to speak to him after his set at his show in Boston, Ma at the Boston Royale.

Deleasa, who originally from New Jersey, has been playing music for a large portion of his lifetime, when I asked him when he got started he responded “I started my first band in middle school, a garage band and since I have not stopped playing”. He also mentioned some unique influences when I asked. Dean Martin inspires him, because growing up his mom would play his music, also he stated, “I am a big Jamiroquai Fan, I like things with a good groove”. Those influences are definitely prevalent in the music he is performed. When asked what would be his dream tour, he responded, “I would be opening up for Al Green”. He then talked about what is next for Deleasa, “After tour I am going back to LA to work on a record and more touring, fingers crossed”.  

Deleasa started the set with a catchy upbeat song called Get It. Even though it was a lot of people’s first time hearing the song, it had a fun beat that got everyone dancing. The next songs he performed were Too Late, which transitioned into a cover of Just a Friend, Private Place, and Discount Paradise. The songs had a c charming and feel-good mood them. He ended the set with a song called Time in the Day, which he just released a music video for, it was a great ending to his set. Not only was his music very memorable, he had great stage presence and interacted with the crowd very well.

1 comment for “The Hot Seat/The Venue

  1. Jackie
    October 22, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    I was in attendance for both his Boston performances and he was AMAZING at both shows. I’ve been a fan of his since Forever Seven as well and I really enjoyed this new material! Hopefully, he comes back to Boston soon!

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