It’s a Texas Two-Step!

Day 2 of American Idol, coming off its worst ratings showing in four years. And yet still beat every other show in the same time slots AND debuts. 40 mil sure sounds good.

And yes, its a Texas two-step or…a misstep. Yes I missed another 23 minutes and maybe I’ll watch it on my TIVO but please, will someone bring REAL talent to audition?

This just in…Top 24 radar has turned on…as backup singer (why is she a backup singer?) Pia Easley gets into Hollywood. Not many backup singers have smoky voices waiting to be discovered and even if I’m wrong, someone will find her a home in a recording studio. Definitely possible Top 24 material. And it’s only 7:32 pm. Last night, I wasn’t wowed until near 8 PM.

OK I got wowed and sickened. Some dude named Brandon keeps his fingernails in a bag. Gag me. Thank god he has a pretty decent voice, which Simon didn’t like. But oh well. He does need to fix the vocal range a little. It’s overly nasally when in the higher range. He still got into Hollywood. And so did the car accident survivor…a heartwarming story. She’s got some personality, but the growling tendency could be controlled.

Last auditioner? Simon called Katie the best auditioner so far this year. Now if she can avoid sounding like other people. But as Katie? Hmmm, potential Top 12? Dare I say. Hey, you know what they say in Texas, everything’s big. And so are my predictions.

Day 2:

Yeesh. Douglas please go. And same for vivacious Angela and her clueless husband Chad. Ouch. That’s right Randy, love is blind…AND deaf.

Finally someone goes to Hollywood and its the rather Clay Aiken-like dude who also wants to be our next president. Hmmm…president or American Idol. The decision is clear…hes off to Hollywood. And so is country boy Colton. Looks like we got some country wanting get back on Idol. Paging USA Network…your show has been usurped!

More country spirit is exuding from Dallas as certified country boy Drew, who sounds pretty similar to Randy Travis, maybe a little Toby Keith, and definitely the classic voice of George Strait so befitting he does a Strait song. Dare I say, yes DARE I say, possibly a Kodak appearance. You heard it first.

And then it starts going downhill and now I understand why Kelly Clarkson fought to keep her songs from ever being used as audition songs on Idol. And now I also see why she doesn’t want to be associated with them…denigrating her music in Idol’s famous montage of idiot auditioners to the tune of whatever song is quite popular for auditioners.

History strikes again! Everyone remembers Kelly Clarkson’s audition in Dallas 6 years ago…2 yes and 1 no. That no coming from an unconvinced Simon Cowell until Kelly demanded a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T in Hollywood weeks later. It may strike again as they send the jazzy girl from Burleson to Hollywood on two yes and one no. That no coming from Simon Cowell. Although this time, time will tell. The Hollywood auditions have gotten much more harder than it was 6 years ago. So I guess stay tuned?
And it ends and I’ll leave the YouTubers to this one.  Very entertaining.

And 24 from Dallas.  This should be good.

Now its off to San Diego.  See you in 94 hours.  Till then…IM OUT.

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