The Spotlight


By Alan Ho

Who: Stooshe
Where:  London, England, United Kingdom
For fans of:  Christina Aguilera, Destiny’s Child, Sugababes, Jada

The 2012 edition of the British Invasion is definitely decidedly pop as One Direction and The Wanted have exploded on the shores of America and perhaps breaking up the mens club could be this no-holds-barred trio of young women known as Stooshe.  The group is composed of 22 year olds Alexandra Buggs, Karis Anderson and 19 year old Courtney Rumbold and they could be exploding their slightly retro late 70s/early 80s girl pop/rock mixed with modern dance and R&B with a dash of empowering hip-hop to American shores soon, if not now!  According to Anderson, the band name comes from the word ‘Stoosh’, which is an urban term used to describe something that’s expensive. But she also describes the name as "a girl who thinks she’s nicer than she is."

In the mean time, check out their explosive music video debut “Love Me” (1.5 million views with very little pushing!)featuring Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy and find out why these three girls have landed on The Spotlight!  Tell us what you think!


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