The IndieLight: The Grab Bag!!!

The IndieLight is back and back we are! A lot has happened this year at Musiqtone as we try to shift the focus back towards more indie acts in our drive to deliver a balanced focus after spending the better part of the past 18 months shoring and expanding our mainstream music coverage and […]

Fueled By…Phantom Planet

The SoCal alt band that brought you former drummer turned actor Jason Schwartzman now finds a new home alongside comparatively younger acts like Paramore, Fall Out Boy, The Hush Sound, The Academy Is on Fueled by Ramen.

What’s next for the band? Well, a stop at SXSW this week followed by their joining of the […]

My kind of town…CHICAGO!

While it has been very frustrating to say the least in getting any kind of Musiqtone pulse in my own home area of Chicago and it’s rather far reaching metro area, there’s plenty of music talent coming out of the Second City, all looking to put Chicago back as one of the top music destinations […]

It’s a Texas Two-Step!

Day 2 of American Idol, coming off its worst ratings showing in four years. And yet still beat every other show in the same time slots AND debuts. 40 mil sure sounds good.

And yes, its a Texas two-step or…a misstep. Yes I missed another 23 minutes and maybe I’ll watch it on […]