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The Summer Set
Where Country Grows The Dummer Set
Alex Z. Album Name: Where Country Grows
Label: MCA Nashville
Release Date: July 12, 2011
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Review written by: Alexandra Boisvert
The country music world has recently been taken over by strong women who seem to always know what they want. Ashton Shepherd is no different. Since the start of her career in 2007, Shepherd’s proves that the only way to go is up. From two Top 40 hits, “Takin’ Off This Pain” and “Look it Up”, to raising a family, Ashton manages to keep herself busy. It’s a miracle that she found the time to produce such an album as high quality as Where Country Grows. While she may not be a household name yet, be ready for this purebred country girl to take over your heart and your CD players. One of the major keys to success in the music business is the relevance factor; something that Ashton Shepherd possesses in the highest degree.

Where Country Grows kicks off with “Look It Up”, the ultimate anthem of a woman scorned, and possibly the most creative song on the album. What makes it especially relevant is the fact that these days, people look everything up on the Internet. The lyrics of this song, like “The word is ‘faithful’, look it up”, appeals to this crowd. This was definitely the best choice for a first single. On the same note of the “woman scorned” topic is the song “I’m Good”. The reason both of these songs will gain popularity is because these songs are intended to make women feel empowered and that feeling is something that is highly desirable.

The next song is “Where Country Grows”, a nostalgic piece, which captures the true essence of country music. The lyrics of this song are heartwarming which makes it a good choice for the title track of the album. As a country artist, it is always appealing to listeners to remind them of their roots.

“I’m Just a Woman” is a concept that every woman can relate to and I’m sure every man has experienced. Shepherd blames the mood swings and worries on being a woman, almost as an apology for taking it out on a man. This is a common experience.

Two songs with the same “down home” feel are “More Cows Than People” and “Beer on a Boat”.  These are the staples songs of a typical country singer. Writing songs like these about the country lifestyle and drinking with friends is vital to the career of a country singer because most of their listeners live this lifestyle themselves. While “Beer on a Boat” falls a bit flat, “More Cows Than People” is one of the cleverest songs on the album.

“While It Ain’t Rainin’” is a song about seizing the moment. The whole idea is that you should make the most of the time while everything is going well, or “while it ain’t rainin’”. On the lighter side of things comes “Tryin’ To Go To Church”. This song has humorous lyrics of a woman who is trying to better herself and “trying to go to church” but there is always something holding it off. 

The Reba-esque track “That All Leads to One Thing” is a series of should-be’s in a failed, or failing, marriage. The last song of the album, “Rory’s Radio”, is a collection of memories, seemingly from Shepherd’s own past.

Overall, Shepherd is the spitting image of a strong woman who knows what she wants and how to relate to every type of listener. Though a few songs weren’t as well-produced as they could have been, the rest of the songs made up for it. If you are a fan of the ‘down-home’ country style then this is the CD for you. Where Country Grows is sure to pick up some new fans for Ashton as she continues her growing career.
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