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Better Together (EP)

Fifth Harmony | Reflection

Label:  Syco/Epic
Release Date: February 03, 2015
Rating:  4.8 out of 5
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February 06, 2015
By Hayley Holmes
You don’t know the true meaning of girl power until you’ve listened to the quintet that is Fifth Harmony. Camila Cabello, Ally Brooke Hernandez, Dinah-Jane Hansen, Lauren Jauregui and Normani Kordei were put together on the X-Factor USA in 2012. Since then, their powerful vocals, sisterly bond and all around charisma have taken the world by storm. Their debut album Reflection features songs full of woman empowerment, self-love and five-piece harmonies only achievable by the diversities in their voices and personalities. If you combined Beyoncé, Demi Lovato, and some old school Destiny’s Child you might have a rough idea of what Fifth Harmony is all about. The original release date of Reflection was late October. The release was pushed to December after the girls felt it wasn’t ready. It then got pushed even later into January with the release finally happening this week. Their hard work and dedication to their fans definitely shows in this album and in the way that they even changed the album cover after they heard fans reacted negatively to the first one. Reflection is the perfect full album to put the girls on the charts, and that is shown in every single track on the record. I got the chance to review the deluxe version of the album and I was nothing short of obsessed.

The tracks “Top Down” and “This Is How We Roll” are the songs you want to listen to when you’re hanging out with your girlfriends. With rhythmic beats that make you want to dance and fun light-hearted lyrics, these tracks are perfect for dancing with your best friends.

“BO$$” was the first single from the album. This track is all about women empowerment. Using references of real life “bosses” like Michelle Obama and Oprah, this song is the definition of feminism. The line “working for the money ‘cause that’s what my momma taught me so you’re a** better show me some respect” perfectly fits with that girl power aura of the song.

The tracks “Everlasting Love” “Like Mariah” and “Them Girls Be Like” sound like they could easily have been tracks written by Mariah Carey. With powerful vocals and slower R&B type melodies these tracks channel the strong voices that the girls proved they had on the X-Factor.

“Sledgehammer,” the group’s second single and first song to land in Billboard’s Top 40 at number 21, is one of the best songs in the pop genre right now. The track is the most pop of any of the songs on the album, but it’s probably my favorite. The beat perfectly represents the tap of a hammer and fits perfectly with the message the song aims to tell. It’s another great track that makes you want to dance but it does so without losing the talent of their voices.

The tracks “Worth It (Feat. Kid Ink)” and “Suga Mama” would fit perfectly in the hip-hop genre. The instruments and the beat combine perfectly with the melody to create a hip-hop like sound. The added synth-claps are perfectly incorporated to provide a sound that imitates sounds of Destiny’s Child.

“Body Rock” is almost Lady Gaga-esque with its build up beats and explosive choruses. The track is a fun, light-hearted song about wanting to dance with someone. You definitely want to dance when you hear this song, which is perfect since it’s exactly what the track says to do.

The title track “Reflection” and “Brave Honest Beautiful (feat. Meghan Trainor),” are both self-love songs. The girls realize that they have impressionable fans and they definitely act on that in such a positive way. With lyrics like “you’ve gotta remind yourself you can dance like Beyoncé and you can shake like Shakira because you’re brave, you’re honest and you’re beautiful” and  “you’d be rich if looking good was your profession, boy I ain’t talking about you I’m talking to my own reflection,” these tracks are so important because of how they remind girls that it is so necessary to love yourself.

Lastly, “We Know” and “Going Nowhere” are tracks about rocky relationships. They’re songs about knowing there is a problem in a relationship and about trying to salvage that relationship. Both tracks, like the rest, show off the five very different voices in the group and how they perfectly fit together.

At the age of 22 and below, these five are already taking over the music industry. With the way that they pair positive messages, unique style and killer harmonies it’s easy to see that they’re a forced to be reckoned with. Reflection is the perfect debut album to follow up their previous EP and to show off their talent and charisma.  Take a look at their music videos at youtube.com/FifthHarmonyVEVO and check out their album Reflection in stores and on iTunes now!
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