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These Times Ingram Hill
Alex Z.
Album name: These Times
Label: Universal Republic
Release Date: January 10, 2012
Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Review written by: Alexandra Boisvert
SafetySuit is on the rise with their new album These Times. For those of you reading their name and wondering why you recognize it, there’s a large chance that some time back in 2008 you encountered some of their music. Their songs “Someone Like You” and “Stay” are their most notable from that year. Those, along with other songs off the same album, were frequently featured on television shows like ‘Kyle XY’ and ‘The Hills’. They were also on VH1 countdowns and Top 40 charts throughout the year. Judging by the quality of this CD, 2012 is going to be another good year for these guys. These Nashville transplants are in for a treat with the following they have set themselves up to receive. They began by releasing the strongest song on the album as a single, “Get Around This,” and there’s no denying they will go up from here.

The album starts with the song “Believe.” This song is perfect for the beginning of the album. It has a strong intro that pulls you into the song and intrigues you even before the song fully begins. Not only is the music well put together, the lyrics are uplifting and the kind that listeners will look to on a low day. The main hook is “You’ve gotta believe in what you’ve got,” which is something not a lot of people in the world do today.

The next song is the first single off of These Times, called “Get Around This.” This song starts off with strings, which is reminiscent of the music of one of their producers, Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic. Strings are making a comeback in pop music, which is perfect because they make this song unique from the others on the album.

“Let Go” is a simply produced song where the focus is placed on the lyrics rather than the music. The idea is letting go of someone who has already moved on. The upbeat melody of the song is one that would make it easy for someone to listen to and do exactly that- let go. The next song, “Staring At It,” presents the opposite idea. Rather than letting go, it talks about holding on to a love that can work if only they hold on.

If you’ve been on iTunes recently, you may have seen this next song under the free downloads. “These Times” has been used on iTunes to get some attention for this album, which is a good choice because it’s about trying times that everyone has sometimes, something everyone can relate to. It’s a good representation of the album.

“Never Stop” is a song that is 100% swoon-worthy. The basis of the chorus in this song is the lines “I’ll never stop trying/ I’ll never stop watching as you leave/ I’ll never stop losing my breath/ Every time I see you looking back at me”. This is a solid foundation to any relationship and the song captures it perfectly.

The next song is “One Time,” which is about going back to someone who continuously feeds you lines and makes you believe them. When you think you’re in love, this can be a common thing. The production is simple so it becomes easier to get the mood of the song and feel the emotion.

“Crash” is the most heavily produced of them all. The electric guitar is really prominent and brings the energy to the song. It just captures the idea that you should never give up, even when you’re scared. Following “Crash” is “Stranger,” which is just as heavy on the more intense instrumentals. While this takes the focus off the lyrics, it is still a well-produced song.

“Things to Say” is completely different than the two songs before it. It almost seems Nashville may have inspired a more country/folk style in this song about coming back to someone to say the things you didn’t say.

“Life in the Pain” is a beautiful track in every sense of the word. The main instruments are acoustic guitar, piano, and strings, which provides a sense of calm, even if the song is about someone in times of hardship.

The bonus track on the album, “You Don’t See Me,” is about, basically, being in the friend zone with someone. No matter how much you fall for them, they don’t see you in the way you want them to. This is such a simple track, but in a great way.

Overall, this album is a strong comeback for SafetySuit. Their songs cover multiple real-life situations that people will be able to relate to. The instrumentation of each song fits it perfectly and adds to the emotion. They show a wide range of their musical skill. This is a very strong album and if you see it in a store, I suggest picking up a copy. It’ll be worth it.
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