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All Time Low
Dirty Worj All Time Low | Dirty Work
Alex Z. Album name: W (Deluxe Edition)
Label: Hollywood (US)/Universal Music Group (Europe)
Release Date:  June 28, 2011
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Review written by: Ashley Rosenberg
With their third album “When the Sun Goes Down,” Selena Gomez and the Scene bring us club beats and a great album for a dance party.  This album is a little more carefree than their previous efforts, showing the band's flexibility and versatility with their music. They hit their fan mark perfectly with this album, mixing good messages with a fun sound.

Selena kicks off the rhythm of her album with the catchy Love You Like a Love Song.  Instead of writing another love song comparing how she feels about her boyfriend to anything, she states it broadly and simply.  The beat is fun and the song is definitely one to dance to.  Next up is Bang Bang Bang; keeping up with the club energy, this song has you moving while she sings about being over a boyfriend who doesn't reciprocate her feelings.  She's found a better boyfriend and she's not afraid to let her ex and everyone else know with this upbeat song.

Who Says should be the anthem for everyone everywhere.  Yes, it's directed at girls going through feeling insecure while they're growing up, but everyone who has ever felt insecure needs to listen to this song and take it to heart.  It's a happy and empowering song with a fun and carefree beat.  Selena sounds awesome in this song and sounds so great later on the deluxe version of the album when she sings a Spanish version of the song.  Just following is We Own the Night, a song about friendship and having fun no matter what you do because you're with the right people.  It's a little slower and has a different feel than most of Selena's songs, but I really like this collaborating with Pixie Lott.  It shows Selena's versatility and expresses her carefree and fun sentiments in a different and fresh way.

So many people feel like they can truly express themselves using music.  Even when they are not fully confident in everyday situations, when the lights go down and the music is turned up, they feel complete.  Hit the Lights is all about music taking away all of your worries, helping you forget about everything that's been bothering you and just lose yourself into the sounds and the rhythm.

Whiplash is a fast and fun song about falling for someone who you really like.  Once she started seeing all of the things that she really likes in this guy, she couldn't stop herself.  This song is a whirlwind of feelings set to an intoxicating dance beat.

When you're young, you feel the most alive at night; you go out, you go dancing. The most exciting things always happen after sunset. When the Sun Goes Down takes those ideas and packs them into an energy filled, fun song with a beat that will pump you up for a night of excitement and invincibility.

Everyone has that one crush that they know is not good for them, but they can't get that person out of their head.  In My Dilemma, Selena mixes that frustration with a great beat to dance it out with.  Follow that with a high-energy song about how she feels she should be treated by her boyfriend.  Maybe it's got a little bit of wishful thinking in it, but That's More Like It personifies the way every girl in some way wants to be spoiled by her boyfriend.

Outlaw is Selena's way of calling out all of those guys who are afraid of falling in love.  Set to a great beat that you can't help but move to, she sings about a guy who her friend is interested in.  Selena knows his history of running around and then leaving the girl but sees right through it, knowing he is just afraid of what might be.

Concluding the basic album is Middle of Nowhere.  The empowering beat is reflective of being able to make it again after being dumped out of nowhere.  She did not see it coming, he promised her that he would never leave her, but he did. Her helpless and hopeless feelings are starting to fade and now she is seeing that she really can move forward and move on.

The deluxe album has four great remixes of Who Says or Dices, both in English and Spanish.  The remixes add to the positive message and the energetic, empowering sound of the original song.  This version of the album also gives you remixes of songs from Selena's previous albums such as Fantasmos and A Year Without Rain.  I love the refreshing beats of the remixed versions of the songs; they're high energy, fun, and go along perfectly with the rest of the album.

Selena Gomez's newest album is a lot of fun; she expresses her carefree youthfulness perfectly on this album with songs that are light and beats that just make you want to go out, dance, and have a great time.  Though this album does not have a heavy side, it does have great positive messages throughout the tracks, epitomized by Who Says.  If you are looking for an album with meaningfulness and intensity, this is not for you, but if you're a fan of infectious beats and letting loose once in a while, When the Sun Goes Down will not disappoint you.
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