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Kip Moore
Kansas The After Party | Kansas
Alan Ho Album name: Kansas (EP)
Label: Unsigned
Release Date: July 10, 2012
Rating: -- 4.0 out of 5

Review written by: Hayley Holmes
This is the 3rd released album by the trio (formally a quartet until very recently, until singer Kenny Greely left the band). The album was different from their first self-titled EP. This album was a blend of pop-rock as well as a little bit of an indie vibe as well. These Kansas boys have created an album that definitely is a step in the right direction. Each emotionally compacted song reaches the listener in a different way and dares the listener to sympathize with the trio, but also makes listeners want to get up and dance.  

The first track on the album, “Waste The Day,” paints the picture of an upbeat romantic scenario. We hear the signature sound of the unique After Party pop rock melody. The song talks about just hanging out and, “Wasting the day with someone you love.”  In the song it says, “Sometimes you’ve gotta let go, life’s too fast so take it slow.” This song is all about taking a step back and just enjoying company with someone you love. This is a song for all those hopeless romantics!  

The next song on “A Better Me” has a little bit more of an edge to it. The whole premise behind the song is one person in the relationship giving everything they have while the other person says that it’s not good enough so they want a better you. The lyrics to this song definitely give the pissed off vibe. The music behind it just completely adds to this effect. With the short drum beats and the short guitar riffs totally gives the edge the band was trying to accomplish. Although this is probably my least favorite song on the album, I do applaud the boys for creating the angsty vibe with this one.

From there, the album transitions into probably my favorite song on the album “She’s Got A Boyfriend.” This song is an edgy dance song that is guaranteed to keep your toes tapping! It is somewhat of a humorous song with most of the lyrics being “I think she’s got a boyfriend.” While the lyrics to this song are not the most creative lyrics I’ve ever heard, they are definitely catchy and the melody is guaranteed to draw you in.

“Still Got Love” is The After Party that we’re used to with a little twist.  This is another one of my favorites as the beginning melody gives off almost a Coldplay vibe with the intro. This song hits it out of the park for me as it shows that the boys can stick to their roots but still keep it fresh. The song explains that no matter what happens this relationship is and will always be full of love. How’s that for romantic, girls?

From there the album transitions into a more vulnerable side. “Unforgettable Nights” reminisces on a seemingly perfect relationship. The lyrics to this song are all recollections of different memories of a relationship that are seemingly unforgettable.  Once again I think that the melody of the song is what makes it what it is. It creates a sense of romantic yet almost sadness at the same time. The song definitely lets the listener take a glimpse inside of a past relationship and helps them sympathize with the band that it had to end.

“Here Comes The Rain”, the last song on the album, definitely has an aura of sadness about it. Even the title sets the listener up for the sadness. Lyrics to the song explain that it’s about a dad who walked out on his family. Throughout the song different elements just keep adding to the sadness. Even the keyboard alludes to the sound of raindrops, which contributes to the sadness immensely. This song accurately creates the emotion needed to give this album depth.

This album was a step in the right direction for these Kansas guys of The After Party. This was a more mature album for them and you can really see the growing up they did between their first album and this one. This album gave the band the depth and maturity they needed. Whether you want a song you can dance around to or a song you can cry to, this album has definitely got some of each. I would probably give this album a 4 out of 5 stars. After this album the guys of The After Party can only go up from here, and we can’t wait to see more from them in the future. I want to extend my congratulations to these guys for their obvious effort of maturity from their first album to Kansas. It totally worked and this is definitely an album I will be listening to more in the future!
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