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Il Volo
Ingram Hill
So, ironically, my first time at the Bowery Ballroom was in high school, at a Bat Mitzvah of my friend’s sister. I have to say, it was quite a different experience five years later, but what remained true is that the venue sure does know how to throw a party, which is exactly what we expected walking in. Opening up the show was The Brevet, an up-and-coming alternative band who are on tour with future indie heavyweights and fellow Los Angeles residents Magic Giant. I got to roll up to the VIP section with The Brevet’s manager, Rey Roldan of Rey Bee Inc. and fellow Musiqtone Staff writer and college buddy of mine, Ryan Zakin (the grinch-looking white guy with his mouth closed... guess he didn’t get the memo). We had our own tables in a top viewing section with other tables labeled off for other managers, so you could imagine it felt pretty awesome to be allowed up there. What was more fascinating, however, was watching the throngs of screaming girls fall in love with the band as they presented a 45-minute set of intense folk-pop tunes and hand clapping.

How was the band? The Brevet, lead by lead vocalist/guitarist Aric Chase Damm, was able to fill the room with some Mumford and Sons-esque jams like “Moving Mountains”. Both the passion and rhythm could be felt as percussionist David Aguiar not only provided a super tight drum section throughout, but also provided back-up vocals in harmony. The group seemed very well-rehearsed, and knew their own songs to a tee without any outside assistance from autotune or backing tracks. In terms of audience reception, they could not have felt more blessed with their presence, as they made the crowd experience every conceivable emotion at once. Crowd favorites included their hit “Embers”, along with power-ballad “There for You”, and “Locked and Loaded” (a song of their newly-released EP). I would recommend you make sure to catch this band on tour for cheap while you still can.

Especially because they are on tour with this other band...Magic FREAKING Giant! If you haven’t already listened to their absolutely fire album “In the Wind”, you are hella missing out.

If you haven’t heard this group’s music yet, DON’T listen to it….. that is until you go see these guys LIVE first. If you’re someone who’s on the hunt for a quality show, then Magic Giant is going to give it to you and then some. Whether you’re a choreographer, musician, or just straight up music lover, this band is a must-see in concert and GA/Main pit only… none of this “seating” nonsense. We realized this quickly into the set, and ran for the middle of the crowd immediately.

Magic Giant was formed in LA in 2014 by Austin Bisnow (Vocals) and Zambricki Li (banjo, violin, harmonica). Soon after being impressed by a video of Brian Zaghi salsa dancing, the duo brought on Brian with the stage name “Zang” as an acoustic guitarist and cellist. The three are a sight to see whether they are getting the whole crowd jumping on the Ohs of the super groovy track “Window”, or making the teenage girls cry as they sing “Nothin’ Left” amidst the tears and hormones as they stand in the audience and share a mic in order to perform acoustically. Not to mention, the group will throw in half-time grooves and violin solos just to keep audiences constantly on their toes and enveloped in the sound. “Celebrate the Reckless”, perhaps their most well-known song to date, had everyone in the room dancing, and they even introduced two new unnamed songs to see how they would fare live.

What was fascinating was the way the bands interacted with fans after the show; both the Brevet and Magic Giant made a valiant effort to remain humble amid a sea of new and committed fans as they made their way around the downstairs bar. They may not be a huge deal yet, but you couldn’t tell by the way they were treated post-show.

These bands should definitely be on your music watchlist; and make sure to check them out whether you’re an indie/alternative rock fan or just looking for some solid, new albums to listen through!
Jeremy is a Sophomore studying Music Management and Enterprises and minoring in communications at Baruch College on a Dean’s Scholarship. He┬áplays drums, piano, and guitar (learned in that order) at weddings, galas, bar/bat mitzvahs, and other festivities. He is also a current arranger, bass singer, and beatboxer for the Queens College Acapella group Tizmoret and was the President of his High School Acapella group. He likes to listen to 2000's Alternative Rock and 2000's R&B. He's hoping to work in A&R or Artist and Brand Development for a major music label or record company.
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