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The Hot Seat
Haley Reinhart

Haley Reinhart

"They encouraged me all the way! I don't think they even known how badly I wanted to get real recognition. They're still playing forty years later and they're doing their passion and they love it. That's what I've grown up around, people who have made it happen for themselves because there is no other way."

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Megan and Liz

Megan & Liz

"That’s actually a really good answer. I would take that answer and then add when we met Taylor Swift because I don’t remember. I was so star struck. I wish I could not be star struck and say something that wasn’t stupid. (laughs) Yeah, other than that, same thing Liz said."

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Brendan James
Brendan James | By Cara Demers

Hometown hero and New Hampshire native Brendan James is just off the release of his latest album, Hope in Transition. After leaving behind the small town for bigger and more bustling cities .... I spoke with Brendan, moving truck and all as he drove cross country, about the success of the album, his upcoming tour plans, and his career over the past fifteen or so years.  
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Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran | By Hailey Sager

Ed Sheeran is about to head out on his first ever headlining tour around the United States. I had the privilege of getting the chance to talk with Ed to see what he is looking forward...

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Brandon and Leah
Brandon and Leah | By Winfield Dean

I had a chance to talk with southern California’s Brandon & Leah over the phone on March 8th. Brandon & Leah released their first EP, Life Happens earlier this year and have quite a few plans for the rest of 2012.

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Yellowcard (V-Seater) | By Alan Ho

I had the opportunity to sit down (in their tour bus!) with violinist Sean Mackin as we discussed everything from how the band got signed to Hopeless following their reforming together to their current tour with All Time Low to their... as this former violinist puts a current violinist on the spot!

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Sara Bareilles
Sara Bareilles | By Lauren Engberg

Sara Bareilles has been a household name for quite a few years now. After huge success with songs “Love Song” and “King of Anything,” it’s safe to say Sara Bareilles is back to singing her way into our hearts yet again. .... her role in the Record Store Day event, memories from past shows, and talks about who she’d love to go on the road with.

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The Cab
The Cab (v-seater) | By Winfield Dean

On January 31, 2012 The Cab and The Summer Set stopped in Indianapolis, IN on their co-headlining Everything’s Fine Symphony Soldier Tour. I was able to talk with Alex DeLeon of the Cab to talk about their current tour and what the Cab has planned for the rest of the year.

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