Curtis Peoples

By Erica Hahn  ,  March 1, 2007

Curtis Peoples has been through a lot since we last put him on our hot seat, which was shortly after nailing down the top spot in the freshly-expanded You Gotta Know in August 2005. He had just released his first album, 'Whisper to A Scream' and was beginning yet another long tour. Now armed with a self-released album, a ton of fans from coast to coast, the sky is quite the limit for the San Diego native. He has seen time on the road with Tyler Hilton, Dave Yaden & The Weight, and Ernie Halter.

Here is our long-awaited follow-up with Curtis done on March 1.

Erica: Thanks for doing another interview with Musiqtone! Now we already know the basics about your music from the interview Alan did after you released “Whisper to a Scream”(to see that interview click here), so what would you say has been the biggest change over the last year?

Curtis: The biggest change has really been the efficiency and the whole thing has just kind of upped itself and I feel my names been able to get out there more. It’s gotten easier just to book shows. Even though I’m definitely on a lower level it has been easier to really make connections and build an audience. I think the recordings have gotten a lot stronger and that’s helped.

Erica: How do you think your music has evolved since “Whisper to a Scream”?

Curtis: It’s gotten to where I want it to be. With “Whisper to a Scream” I had just gotten out of being with a band and I had been on tour with Tyler (Hilton) so everything was a lot more acoustic based. Now I think I have a much clearer view of what I like and what my audience is looking for. I just found a way to make it a little more rock and a little more fun, which is what I want. It just took some time for that to be okay and for me to find the songs.

Erica: Who are your current musical influences?

Curtis: For the first time in my life I don’t have anyone that I’m obsessive with, which is really weird because there’s always been someone. Pearl Jam, The Beatles to The Police to U2. There just haven’t been any records; there have been records that I’ve really dug, but nothing that’s hit me over the head. It’s just been songs and good pop songs. I’ve gotten more into the ‘80s. It has just been more making sure that I’m aware and understanding, like Fall Out Boy and Justin Timberlake. I just want to make sure I understand it. What really hurts people is when they choose to ignore what’s actually popular and then you just sound dated or it just doesn’t work, but you don’t have copying them, but you just have to have that understanding of what you’re up against.

Erica: What prompted you to go back into the studio and release new versions of “Heart Will Fall” and “One More Time”?

Curtis: We’re (the band, my manager and I) are trying to find to the next avenue. So what we needed were recordings to get the songs to the greatest level that they could. We knew we needed to get a little bigger and a little more power. So we just did some thinking and decided those were the two best songs to go forward with. So there you go.

Erica: Do you have any plans to record any of the new songs that you have been recently playing at shows?

Curtis: Yeah. I’ve been working with the guy that produced Marc Broussard’s last record. So that’s a possibility. The last one I wrote, “Counting on Disaster” and there’s a few more I really want to get down so it’s one of those things that’s just another thing on the list. Touring’s extremely important to get the CD in as many peoples hands as possible.

Erica: What’s your favorite song on your newest release, “Rock Out!! and Stay Awhile”?

Curtis: My favorite song to play, “Heart Will Fall” and at the end of the day..hmm this is really tough. I think my favorite is “Heart Will Fall”. I really think it’s a cool song.

Erica: If you could pick anyone, dead or alive, who would you want to tour with?

Curtis: hmm, I would like to tour with………..I guess it would be Bon Jovi. The audience would be so fun. I think U2 would be great too, but I think you could really have a good time with Bon Jovi playing for those people.

Erica: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Curtis: I should have more warm ups. I stretch out. I just try to calm down. I tend to get really anxious, not nervous, but anxious. I want to make sure the merch is all set and everything’s in place. I don’t really focus enough. I just kind of keep myself bouncing off the walls until I can get on stage. I feel like a rocket taking off. I’m such a laid back guy in person so when I get on stage I get to release a lot of energy and really go for it. So I guess I just tend to be anxious until I go on stage. I write my set list right before I go on stage so I can play what I feel that night.

Erica: What’s your favorite venue?

Curtis: My two favorite venues would be the Roxy and the Bitter End I have the most fun at.

Erica: What do you do for fun on tour?

Curtis: You know what, we haven’t really had a lot of time to really let loose, but after shows we have fun hanging out with people. We get to go out after and hang out with friends we have in town. The day time stuff is just booking more shows, and sitting in a car driving. I like sight seeing but then I kind of just don’t care (haha). So the fun part is just after the shows.

This or That’s

Erica: Tell Me I’m Wrong or Counting on Disaster?
Curtis: Tell Me I’m Wrong

Erica: Whisper to a Scream or Rock Out!! And Stay Awhile?
Curtis: Rock Out!! And Stay Awhile

Erica: Josh or Will Hoge?
Curtis: uhh I’m not answering that one. I like them both. They are both so different. Haha

Erica: Wait, I heard you might be touring with Josh? Is that true?
Curtis: Yeah, I am doing some shows with Josh soon and I’ve always wanted to tour with Will so I’m just going to say Hoge. Hoge’s my answer.

Erica: Backstreet Boys or NSYNC?
Curtis: I love NSYNC, but when they were out I think I liked the Backstreet Boys more, so Backstreet.

Erica: Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?
Curtis: Britney Spears

Erica: Country or Rap?
Curtis: I like Country a lot, but Rap.

Erica: Acoustic or Full Band?
Curtis: Full Band

Erica: CD’s or Ipod?
Curtis: Ipod

Erica: Cash or Credit Cards?
Curtis: Credit Cards

Erica: Ice Cream or Cake?
Curtis: Ice Cream

Erica: Hair gel or Mousse?
Curtis: Hair gel

Erica: LA or NYC?
Curtis: LA

Erica: Philly or Boston?
Curtis: Boston

Erica: Ocean or Lake?
Curtis: Lake

Erica: Pen or Pencils?
Curtis: Pen

Erica: SUV’s or Cars?
Curtis: Cars
Erica: Calling or Texting?
Curtis: Calling

Erica: Baseball or Football?
Curtis: Baseball

Erica: Country or City?
Curtis: City

Erica: Black or White?
Curtis: Black

Erica: TV shows or Movies?
Curtis: TV shows

Erica: Day or Night?
Curtis: Day

Erica: True Love or A Million Dollars?
Curtis: uh, sure True Love.

Erica: Suureeeee Curtis
Curtis: Yeah right, A Million Dollars.

Erica: Do you have anything you want to add or say to your fans?
Curtis: Honestly, I want to say it’s been a great couple of years. This year has already kicked off so wonderfully. I’m so happy people keep on believing in it. If they really believe in it just keep telling there friends. We’re trying to build the biggest community we can. I want people to just be a part of something that’s fun and special. It’s a place where people can count on. Just keep telling everyone you can!

To take a listen to Curtis, check out or Curtis’ new two song sampler is available on his website for only $4 or FREE with any other purchase from the store!
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