Curtis Peoples

By Alan Ho  ,  August 20, 2005

San Diego...the place that gave Tyler Hilton a chance and the location of a certain sandwich shop that gave him his start in performing his music. A carefree locale on the coast, and where dreams can come true. It's also where John Mayer, blink-182, and Jewel all paid their dues in. Now, we're about to add Curtis Peoples to the long list of talent that comes from the second largest city in California. You ask, who is he? You're about to find out...

Alan Ho: Thanks for taking time for this interview, Curtis. Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

Curtis Peoples: Well I’m a Leo, I enjoy a good party, my favorite band is Jefferson Starship…

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Anywho, I’m a singer/songwriter based out of Southern California , I’ve been touring the country off and on for the last few years now, and I just released my debut EP “Whisper To A Scream."

AH: Growing up, was music something you’ve always wanted to do?

CP: First it was baseball, then it was singing, then it was back to baseball, and finally back to singing…

AH: After years with Chicken Jam, which became 3 Simple Words, what made you decide that maybe you want to go at it alone rather than form another or go into another band?

CP: Well the solo thing was actually not by choice really. I had my band 3 Simple Words for about 8 years, through grade school, high school and into college. In October of ’04 my guitar player and bass player’s “side project” got signed to a record deal, they’re an emo hardcore kind of thing. That kind of forced the solo career really. But it worked out alright…

AH: We ask everyone this all-important question: What is your philosophy on music?

CP: It’s different for everyone, but mine is to just write interesting and cool songs that everyone can enjoy. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel but I don’t want to be dull and generic either. I really strive to make a record that I would want to listen to, so it’s got to have a little bit of all the music I love.

AH: Who are your influences in the music you perform and in your career?

CP: Pearl Jam, U2, Michael Jackson, Counting Crows, John Mayer, Josh Kelley, Beatles, Rob Thomas, Tyler Hilton, Dave Yaden

AH: Your experience touring with Tyler Hilton, how has that helped you with your music career, did he give you any advice?

CP: By experience Tyler has given me so much advice, I learned a million and one things from him, and we learned a million and one together from being on tour and performing, and writing songs together. He also has been one of my greatest influences

AH: What is the best fan experience you’ve ever had?

CP: There’s so many, but my birthday recently was amazing. I had a show in Los Angeles on my birthday and it was such a huge turnout and the energy of the crowd was incredible. Plus I got all these cool presents. It gave me a greater feeling of the importance of being good to your fans…

AH: Why is music important to you?

CP: I don’t know to tell you the truth, at some point that feeling hit my blood stream and it’s been a part of life ever since…

AH: What’s easier, writing songs for other people, or writing songs for you to perform?

CP: Writing songs for my own music is much easier, but the more often I write for other people, the easier it’s getting, it’s a whole science when writing for other people

AH: What’s the best thing about your debut album, ‘Whisper to a Scream?’

CP: 3 Things: Great band, cool duet “Something Honest”, accordion

AH: Finally, what are your goals short-term and long-term?

CP: They’re both the same, to keep working my ass off and be a hundred steps ahead to where I was 6 months ago

The Burn:

Thing or things you’d be doing if it weren’t for music…

Teach, work in film

What’s spinning in your music player right now?

Josh Kelley’s new record “Almost Honest”

The things you can’t live without as a musician

Guitar, Ipod

Music none of your friends (or fans) expect you to listen to

I don’t if they wouldn’t expect me to listen to it (haha) Britney Spears, New Kids On the Block, old Madonna, Boy George, the list goes on and on…

The ultimate venue to tour in

When I get to headline at Coors Ampitheater in San Diego , then I’ll know I’ve made it, that’s my favorite place to see music and it’s huge!!

Which act or acts would you love to share the stage (or bus) with?

Josh Kelley and Tyler Hilton (because it’s guaranteed to be fun), but also Counting Crows, U2, Coldplay, Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls, Dave Matthews Band, Paul McCartney

Non-musical talents you carry

Sadly I have no hidden talents like juggling, but I am good at sports and writing, like stories and all that

Three people you would like to have dinner with.

Bono, Johnny Depp, Eddie Vedder, one more: John Lennon

Favorite food(s)?

Sushi and hot sandwiches

Your most embarrassing moment on stage.

Trying to stand on a stool during a song to see the crowd better and falling off the stool onto my back, that was pretty damn embarrassing…

Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, or ha, Tyler?

Not fair, I like them all for different reasons, but where’s my loyalty? Tyler Hilton all the way.

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