Secondhand Serenade

By Lauren Engberg  ,  October 01 2012

Secondhand Serenade fans are getting deja vu with "A Naked Twist In My Story". John gives fans a new broken down version of their favorite songs from "Twist In My Story", which easily brings back memories associated with the songs all over again. Have you ever wondered what song he connects to the most? Or maybe which comedian he'd want to be handcuffed to. What about his feelings on the first time he heard his song on the radio? John Vesley gives you just that in this interview! Click to listen!

LE: Can you introduce yourself and tell us where you are from?
JV: I am John Vesely. I am the singer/songwriter/the whole shebang of Secondhand Serenade. I play guitar and piano and sing and do all that stuff.

LE: How would you describe your music to new listeners?
JV: I would describe it as, I don't know. That's a really tough question because I have a few different things that I do. I do a lot of sentimental and honest. So this stuff is a lot more upbeat now especially with the new album coming. It's going to be a lot more uplifting, upbeat, and full of life. There is also the kind of somber side that's there. I do a lot of orchestral/emotional feely stuff as well.

LE: When did you first realize you wanted to be a musician?
JV: I guess I was 12 years old. My parents when I was really young wanted me to play piano. I didn't really latch on to it as much as I would like. I wish I would have latched on and learned all my life how to play piano, but I didn't. Then when I was about 12, I kind of just picked up the bass and started playing. I was in a garage band and that kind of stuff. My brother went to music school and I didn't. I was the little garage band guy. I kind of learned like that. It was more out of instinct. It was definitely not out of technical ability. I enjoyed that all through high school and was kind of hooked.

LE: Do you tend to stick to like a certain theme for your album at all?
JV: Uh, yeah. I mean I always kind of do that. Up until now I've done a lot of relationship stuff. I guess I'm continuing to do it but in a little bit different way. Less wishy washy, more straight forward approach without the emo vibe to it. I think you can get your point across without having to be that way. I think I've learned how to do that. Extremely excited about this new album cause I think it's one of my best works.

LE: So you just recently released A Naked Twist In My Story. Your single Fall For You back a couple of years ago was a huge hit when it was released. What was it like hearing your song on the radio?
JV: It was pretty wild. I would hear it a lot. Obviously they played it a whole lot. It's exciting. It's gotta be exciting for everyone in that situation. I've got a lot of good relationships with the radio people. I didn't have enough time to really sit down and really take it in. But, it's a pretty amazing experience and I'm very proud.

LE: Do you remember where you were when you first heard your song on the radio?
JV: I think I was in Salt Lake City.

LE: Of all your albums, do you have any specific song that you really connect with that's your favorite?
JV: On a few different levels. There is a song called, "Hear Me Now", which is the title track for Hear Me Now is one of my favorites. It's when I finally turned and realized I needed to change some things about myself. Otherwise, I think there is another song on Weightless called "Let Me In". It's definitely a more uplifting and happy song. It's kind of an important song for me because it's why I chose to make people smile for once. People enjoy my music obviously but I know just making someone happy from the vibe of the music is something I never explored. So I'm really happy to get a chance to do that.

LE: You obviously have a really big fan base. How do you stay connected with your fans?
JV: I take a lot of time to be online. It's really important to do that. It's really important to be there and take time because they deserve it. Fans are as important as I am and I have to realize that.

LE: I see your RTs and all that stuff all over my Twitter feed.
JV: Yeah, I'm on there pretty often.

LE: You've toured all over the country. Is there any specific city that really sticks out to you that's memorable?
JV: I like New Orleans a lot. It's got so much culture. It's almost like they have their own country.

LE: Do you write for any other singers?
JV: Occasionally, but recently I've been very very busy with my own stuff so it's been kind of tough to get out there and work with other people.

LE: Okay, here's some silly questions I got from your fans. They really wanna know what you'd think your name would be if you were on Jersey Shore.
JV: Oh god, obviously it would be Johnny Meat.

LE: If you were handcuffed to someone for a day who would you pick?
JV: I would probably be handcuffed to…I wouldn't mind Will Ferrell. That's one person I probably wouldn't get sick of.

LE: Do you have any guilty pleasure TV shows that you watch?
JV: I watch a lot of crime dramas like all the time.

LE: Strangest fan encounter you've ever had?
JV: Oh man, that's a tough one. Asia gets pretty weird. That's a tough question!

LE: Besides the re-release of the album do you have any other plans?
JV: I have a new album coming out soon. I'm almost finished with it now at this point. I'm going to be doing a tour supporting A Naked Twist In My Story. I'm going to be going out November and December possibly with some string players.

LE: Other than that, do you have anything else to say to your fans?
JV: I'm very excited. I'm back in the saddle again. I took some time off that I really needed in my own life to get back into the right head space. This new music I'm making I am so proud of. I think it's about to be a really good time for me and I'm very thankful for all the support the fans have been giving me so far.

LE: Thanks for letting me interview you!
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