Teddy Geiger

By Jennifer Green  ,  March 21, 2006

In the past few months 17 year old Singer/Songwriter Teddy Geiger has been taking the world by storm.  Already being compared to the likes of John Mayer and James Taylor this fresh faced prodigy looks poised to become America’s next musical sweetheart.  You can hardly turn on the radio or TV without catching a bit of Geiger’s first single “For You I Will(Confidence)”.  His part on the short lived television show, Love Monkey, put Geiger’s face in more homes then it already was.  Teddy is definitely at the top of the list of promising young talent, looking to change the way the mainstream is perceived because still yet, its about the image and really nothing else. Teddy has the image...but he’s got the talent and skills to back it up and, that's what counts. Teddy has substance to go along with the style On March 19, He played to a sold out crowd of over 1000 at the Waterstreet Music Hall in his hometown of Rochester, New York to celebrate the upcoming release of his album. He dropped his first album, Underage Thinking, March 21 and with it he took a little time out to talk to Musiqtone’s Jeni-Lynn Green.

Jeni-Lynn Green:  First off Teddy, thanks for taking the time out to do this.  Second, Congratulations on the album.  I had a chance to listen, it sounds awesome.
Teddy Geiger:  Thanks.

Jeni: Was music something you’ve always wanted to do and what was your first memory performing?
Teddy:  Yeah, music has always been a part of my life.  I think I was about 14 when I knew I wanted to do it professionally.  My first memory performing was probably something for my Mom’s friends.

Jeni: Who are the influences in your music and in your own career?
Teddy:  In Music: A Lot of Ben Folds and Weezer.  In My Career: Probably my parents

Jeni:  What is your philosophy on music???
Teddy:  I dunno, I don’t necessarily have one I just feel like I always try to keep writing and creating music. Whether it’s coming from my head or just whatever… I dunno I just want to keep making music is the best way to do it.

Jeni:  What has been the most exciting part of your CD being released?
Teddy:  The most exciting part was actually making the album and actually writing the songs and putting them on the album.  Besides that it’s probably been playing out so much and getting used to that.

Jeni:  Is there any song on your CD that stands out as your favorite either to listen to or play?
Teddy:  Um, Prbably Gentlemen, both to listen to and play live.  Actually, slowly Love Is A Marathon is becoming my favorite to play live.  So maybe now it’s a battle between (Love is A) Marathon and Gentlemen.

Jeni:  What are your goals, short and in the long-term?
Teddy:  I just hope that in the future I’m still making music and still have good people around me and having a good time.  Oh, and having a second album out too.

Jeni:  Are you thinking about doing any producing or writing for other people
Teddy:  Yeah definitely hopefully on the next album I’ll be stepping out a little bit and co-producing it.

Jeni:  Is there anything you find surprising or interesting about your particular brand of fans?
Teddy:  Hmmmm…  I don’t know, I mean they’re good, they’re awesome.  I don’t know if there’s any one attribute.  They’re much les depressed then other fans.

Jeni: Is there anything about your experience so far that you would change?

Teddy: I mean not really, I’ve learned a lot that if I changed it, I might not have learned.  I’m really happy with the spot that I’m at right now.|

The Burn:

Jeni:  The thing or things you’d be doing if it weren’t for music…
Teddy:  I don’t think I would want to anything but music.  I mean I think I’d still be just trying to find my way in to music.

Jeni:What’s spinning in your music player right now? 
Teddy:  I actually left my iPod in Rochester but I remember what I was listening to.  I was listening to Mos Def which is yeah… OH actually I’ve been listening to Coldplay Parachutes a lot lately.

Jeni:  The things you can’t live without as a musician
Teddy:  ProTools, or like my little recording setup, which has actually been down for like the past couple weeks and I just cant cause actually I had my computer stolen and I had to replace it all.  The new computer I got wouldn’t work with it and every time I thought I got it fixed there’s a new problem.

Jeni:  That’s no fun.  None at all
Teddy:  No I know, it just gets so frustrating.

Jeni:  Which venue would you love to perform in
Teddy:  I’d have to say Madison Square Garden just because that’s the epitome.  I feel like when you’ve made it you’re able to play there.

Jeni: What is some music none of your friends (or fans) expect you to listen to
Teddy:  I listen to a lot of Dean Martin.  Everything else is kinda expected.

Jeni:  Which act or acts would you love to share the stage (or bus) with?
Teddy:  I gotta go Ben Folds on that one

Jeni:  Non-musical talents you carry
Teddy:  Not really, I skateboarded a little when I was younger and I’m trying to again.

Jeni:  Favorite food(s)?
Teddy:  Alaskan King Crab Legs and Buffalo Wings
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