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All Time Low | Future Hearts

Label: Hopeless
Release Date: April 07, 2015
Rating:  4.25 out of 5
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April 06, 2015
By Amaris Rodriguez
All Time Low might soon reach their all-time high with the release of their new album. The American pop punk band from Maryland was formed in 2003, when a group of high school friends decided to pursue their love for music. What started off as a cover band would soon lead to them being one of the most commercially successful alternative bands of their generation. A vet to the infamous Vans Warped Tour, All Time Low has also shared the stage with bands such as A Day To Remember, Forever the Sickest Kids, and Fall Out Boy. Through their hectic touring schedule, they have managed to get in the studio and record new music for their fans. Future Hearts, released on April 3rd 2015, is All Time Low’s sixth studio album and a follow up to their 2012’s Don’t Panic album. Always a favorite in the pop punk community, All Time Low has been able to show growth in their new album and still maintain their signature sound.

Kicking off the album with the sound of static, “Satellite” starts with a steady rhythm that lends itself to a song about growing up and making mistakes. With lyrics “we were just kids singing, growing up with eyes glued shut”, ATL is able to draw the listener into thinking about how it was growing up without having the responsibilities of being a grown up yet.

Also on the album are the tracks “Kicking and Screaming”,”Runaways”, and “Cinderblock Gardens”. All the songs have a tradition pop punk feel with catchy lyrics. While not the strongest lyrically, all the songs are able to hold their own and together help create a flowing sound throughout the album.

The third track on Future Hearts is also the first single off of the album. “Something’s Gotta Give” was released on January 12, 2015 and reached No. 14 on the US Hot Rock Songs on the Billboard charts. One of the strongest songs on the album, releasing it as a single gave listeners the opportunity to be introduced to the best of All Time Low. The lyrics are poetically strong yet relatable, especially to the targeted audience. Singing lyrics “I’m dying to live” All Time Low reaches the teenage angst is all of us and makes us sing along to release our woes. While the lyrics are full of angst, the melody still helps the song convey the message without getting too depressive. Being the first single, “Something's Gotta Give” has set All Time Low for success.

The following track, “Kids in the Dark” also happens to be the second single off of the album. This song plays as a song about being left behind yet coming out on top. “I am left standing on the edge and wondering how we got this far” are lyrics that anyone who has ever felt “in the dark” can identify with.

One of the most punk things a band can do is to release a song that doesn’t necessarily fit into their genre. With an album full of strong songs, “Missing You” was perfectly placed as track number six and broke up the long stride of loud drums and electric guitars. The strongest song in the album starts off with a light and appealing beat that plays as beautiful background music to a powerful message. A song dealing with addiction, it sings as a message to someone about how they have to try to better themselves. The vocals are slightly raspy at the beginning and add more dimension to the song. “Missing You” is the best written song on the album and with its up tempo melody it will gain All Time Low a broader audience.

Other tracks, such as “Tidal Waves” and “Don’t You Go” showcase ATL’s sound throughout the album. One song on the album, “Bail Me Out” featured Joel Madden from Good Charlotte. Madden offered up vocals and gave the track a little more of a special feel through the collaboration.

“Dancing with a Wolf”, a song about being over a relationship when the person has wronged you, has a rougher sound than most of the other songs. The strong energy portrayed through lyrics such as “there’s no love for a liar” makes it a perfect tune to belt out when someone has pissed you off or the moon is full. The following track, “The Edge of Tonight” is an emotional song about how someone is able to make your life better. The combination of rhythmic beats and a pretty piano melody in the background help sustain the vocals throughout the song.

The last track on Future Hearts is “Old Scars”. All Time Low has decided to end their album with a classic sounding punk song. Transporting you to the middle of their Warped Tour set, full of crowds moshing, “Old Scars” is trying to inspire people to follow their dreams, they scream how they won’t “fade away, be forgotten”. The song builds up with loud percussions and gets you jumping around. A sound that has worked for them for over ten years, All Time Low knows what to do and how to deliver a good punk song.

A veteran band and a strong force to be reckoned with in the pop punk community, All Time Low has once again released a good quality punk album. Future Hearts is a mix of everything that makes up the genre. They have been able to blend their sound with powerful and meaningful lyrics that will ring true to their listeners. They have taken some slight risks and have also delivered a sound that’s more mature than their earlier albums. Future Hearts solidifies All Time Low’s place not only as one of the strongest bands in their genre but also a music act that is able to reach a broader audience with their sound.
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