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George Ezra
Wanted On Voyage

George Ezra | Waiting On Voyage

Label:  Columbia
Release Date: January 27, 2015
Rating:  4.7 out of 5
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February 2, 2015
By Hayley Holmes
George Ezra, a 21-year-old UK native, makes his U.S debut with Wanted On Voyage. With his hit single “Budapest” taking America by storm, there is no question that by the end of the year Ezra will be competing with fellow UK native Ed Sheeran. To celebrate the album’s release, Ezra will take on North America for the majority of Spring 2015. Ezra kicks off his North American debut with a tour with Sam Smith followed by a tour with label-mate Hozier and concluding with his first-ever North American headline tour. Ezra also recently announced that he will perform at the 2015 Coachella Festival. Ezra’s Wanted On Voyage is an eclectic mix of artistic styles that is an excellent addition to the singer/songwriter genre.

“Blame It On Me” and “Cassy-O” have hints of Johnny Cash and a bit of Mumford & Sons. There’s even a slight resemblance of “Simple As This” by Jake Bugg. The plethora of different instruments in both tracks adds an impressive amount of depth to the album.

The hit single “Budapest” really captures Ezra’s musical style.  The track is charming and catchy without losing substance. Ezra describes it as a childish way to say, “I’ll give up everything for you, even the things I don’t have, I’ll give it all up for you.”

“Barcelona” is about longing to be with someone you love whom you’re away from. The slower tempo mixed with the harp-like guitar creates the vibe of a lighthearted, yet longing love.

The fourth UK single “Listen To The Man,” is well-known for its music video featuring Ian McKellen. With its foot-tapping beat and its folk guitar, it’s another track that includes a lot of different elements, which creates an interesting listen.

“Leaving It Up To You” and is one of the most Ed Sheeran-esque songs on the album. With a smooth harmonic guitar sound, this track creates the chill, relaxed feeling found in Sheeran songs.

“Did You Hear The Rain” and “Spectacular Rival” are the two darkest songs on the album. Ezra has described them as character songs where he can get on stage and play a darker character that is different from his actual personality. They create a scene that Ezra can play out to portray a different place people go at times.

The track “Drawing Board” is ironic in the way that it combines talking about dark subjects (like how to get rid of someone) with a playful melody made up of lighthearted guitar riffs and a synth beat. With lyrics like “I’ll fill your pillowcase with snakes, the man eating kind. Though you call yourself a women, I doubt it they would mind,” the song gives a playful spin on getting rid of someone you don’t like. Or, to quote Ezra, it’s a way to go back to the drawing board.

“Breakaway” and “Over The Creek” give hints of leaving a relationship or situation that’s harmful. They’re “savior-like” tracks that provide a solution to heartache and trouble.

It’s pretty easy to see that George Ezra is a uniquely talented individual who fills a gap in the music industry.  With a straight out of the 60’s type sound, Ezra gives a new definition to the singer-songwriter genre. It’s hard to believe that he’s a 21-year-old Englishman, but the irony of his sound is what makes him so special. Be sure to check out Wanted On Voyage in stores and on iTunes now, and don’t be surprised when we say, “I told you so” when he takes over the music scene this year!
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