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Kelly Clarkson | Never Been Better (Deluxe Edition)

Label:  RCA
Release Date: March 03, 2015
Rating:  3.5 out of 5
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March 02, 2015
By Katy Baldwin
Piece By Piece is the proficient, American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson’s seventh studio album. With guest artists such as the talented John Legend and 1000 Forms of Fear’s Sia, Piece By Piece is a miraculous new direction for Clarkson’s music career. Following her previous Christmas album, Wrapped In Red, as well as her 2011 release of Stronger, Clarkson has raised the bar big time to show her fans that she still has got it. Piece By Piece is a substantial game changer for Clarkson.

After releasing her original single, “Heartbeat Song,” it instantly shot up to the Top 40/Pop charts. “Heartbeat Song” isn’t like her usual power-driven breakup ballads. Instead she starts her album on a positive note expressing the emotions of being in a happy and new relationship (“Been so long I forgot to turn it up up up up all night”). Clarkson obtained inspiration for this song with welcoming her new child, River Rose to the world. It’s a fresh start to the album and reflects her emotions of being a new mother.

Clarkson expresses her love for her husband and talent manager, Brandon Blackstock in the heart-felt love letter, “Piece By Piece” (“He restored my faith that a man can be kind and a father could stay”). Kelly is known for creating strong, break-up anthems; however, during her almost 4 year break from songwriting, she established her personal life by getting married, becoming the step-mother for two pre-teens and having her own child. Piece By Piece reflects her new life of becoming a mother and a family women.

The distinguished singer and songwriter, John Legend, makes a soulful appearance on Piece By Piece with the cover of iconic German rock band Tokio Hotel’s, “Run Run Run”. Clarkson and Legend make quite the duo with this rich and heartfelt love ballad (“And you waited it all in the rain, through tears my heart is caged”).

Kelly Clarkson also collaborated with accomplished singer and songwriter Sia and wrote a strong, compelling anthem, “Invisible”. Sia and Clarkson’s composition sends goose bumps up listeners’ arms with their powerful lyrics screaming girl power (“Now I am invincible, No, I ain’t a scared little girl no more”).


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“Nostalgic” is my favorite track on the album. The song has a fun indie pop beat that makes you want to dance around a room. The title of the track is very self explanatory; it explores the feelings of looking back and trying to figure out what went wrong with this relationship.

Clarkson makes a bold move and takes a techno turn on her new track, “Take You High,” forcing listeners to make a double take and question whether techno was the right choice for Clarkson. “Dance With Me”, mirrors the same upbeat pop-dance energy (“No one’s fightin’ anyone, we’re all dancin’ on the ground”).  Despite the complete change, Clarkson proves that she can tackle any music genre that is propelled her way.

Inside Piece By Piece (Deluxe Edition), Clarkson incorporates a bit of sassy attitude with her tracks “Bad Reputation” (“I got a heart thats tough as leather, Get what I want and I just forget ‘em”), and “Second Wind” (“You can hate me, Underestimate me, Do what you do because what you do don’t phase me”). Along side “Bad Reputation” and “Second Wind,” Clarkson debuts one more alluring track, “In the Blue.”. “In the Blue” captivates listeners with peaceful reassurance of always having that one special person beside you no matter what (“I’ll be forever with you in the blue”).

Piece By Piece is an immense music change for Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson proves that she is back and ready to be heard in a new fashion. Motherhood isn’t holding her back, it is inspiring her.
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