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Little Mix | Salute

Label:  Syco/Columbia
Release Date: February 04, 2014
Rating:  4.8 out of 5
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February 5, 2014
By Hayley Holmes

The British are back. The powerhouse girl group that is Little Mix, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jesy Nelson, and Jade Thirwall, released their second album Salute. Their second album was nothing short of wonderful. Their sophomore album is the perfect combination of 90s style Hip Hop and perfectly crafted ballads.

The first track on the album “A Different Beat” sounds like it could’ve come straight off of the soundtrack of the movie Burlesque. This is such a fun, girl’s night song. Little Mix is notorious for promoting self love and girl power and this song is no different with words like “I take a look in the mirror and I like what I see so baby I keep marching to a different beat”.

Next the tracks “About The Boy”, “Boy”, and “Competition” brings out the group’s Destiny’s Child-esque fierceness. The cool thing about Little Mix is that they can have a cool, dance type song like this without losing sight of their vocals. In the bridge you hear Perrie Edwards show off her incredible range, which is vital evidence in showing the talent of this band. “Boy”, is all about independence and moving on from a boy who is not treating you right. With strong resemblance to the verses of “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child this track creates that sense of power and independence. And finally “Competition” creates that same feeling of girl empowerment that makes you realize you can take on the world.

From there, the album continues to transition to a more sentimental side with the tracks “Good Enough” and “Little Me”.  “Good Enough” is a more vulnerable song lyrically and the melody does the perfect job to create that vulnerability and sympathy. The song asks “Am I still not good enough, am I still not worth enough?” and it showcases that the group is still human and still struggles with self consciousness at times. “Little Me” follows that same vulnerability but it leaves the listener with the message that the girls would go back and tell themselves in a certain situation. They say they would “tell her she’s beautiful, wonderful, everything she doesn’t see”.

“Move”, the first single off the album, is another great upbeat, dance track. Luckily though, as with all of their songs, it doesn’t lose depth or effect even though it makes you want to dance. The title itself encourages you to move, and when you turn this song on I dare you not to do just that. Their vocals are still on point and the sound of this track is so perfect for anytime when you just want to dance. Similarly, “Nothing Feels Like You” makes you want to dance around your room without losing sight of their vocals or vulnerable lyrics.

Next “Mr. Loverboy” has a little bit of a different sound from the other tracks. The beginning starts out with almost a reggae feel and then transitions into the pop/hip hop style of the Little Mix we all know. This track isn’t particularly one of my favorites, but it’s definitely another fun song you’re going to want to dance to!

“Salute” and “See Me Now” are the epitome of girl power. Like mentioned earlier, Little Mix is notorious for their messages of girl power and independence. The title track “Salute” is no different. It encourages women all across the world to stand together and “salute” which is such a strong message of empowerment.  “See Me Now” explains “they said I couldn’t, they told me I couldn’t, but if they could see me now.” This track sends a message to everyone who didn’t believe in them and said they couldn’t do it to look at where they are now.

“Stand Down” is another one of my absolute favorites on this album. It once again has a super sassy, girl power like feel to it. The song literally tells people to stand down and step back because these girls are strong and independent and they are not messing around!

“These Four Walls” is probably the most vulnerable song on the album. It is beautifully sung and showcases each of the girls’ vocal ranges perfectly. With lyrics saying “I’ve lost all sense of pride, I’ve called a thousand times, and if I hear your voice I’d be fine” you absolutely hear the vulnerability of needing someone so badly that you’re willing to do anything to let them know that.  

“They Just Don’t Know You” strongly resembles One Direction’s song “They Don’t Know About Us” lyrically. The song explains that people may believe one thing about the person that they love but they just don’t know them and therefore they don’t see all of the other beautiful things about them.

The last track on the album, “Towers” has a completely different sound than any other song on the album. It has more of a pop feel and less of a hip hop feel. It’s another great song because of the way the girls’ voices sound on the track. It’s another track that you would definitely want to belt out in your room because it once again gives that sense of girl power and I don’t need you, I’m independent feel.

This was a perfect second album for Little Mix. With killer harmonies, incredible vocal ranges, and fierce style, these British girls keep providing exactly what the industry needs. Salute is the perfect album to show that these girls aren’t just a one-hit-wonder.  Be sure to check out the girls as they begin the “Neon Lights” Tour with Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony kicking off February 11th in San Jose, California!

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