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Taylor Swift
Kill The Lights

Luke Bryan | Kill The Lights

Label:  Capitol Nashville
Release Date: August 7, 2015
Rating:  3.0 out of 5
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August 23, 2015
By Katy Baldwin
After 2 years in the studio and touring, distinguished country star, Luke Bryan, released his fifth album “Kill The Lights”, which climbed up to number 4 on the charts. To kick off the release of “Kill The Lights”, Luke Bryan teamed up with Yankee Candle to create a limited edition “Kill The Lights” scent. For the thousands of screaming fans who where wondering what he smells like, now you can kick back, light his candle and be serenated into his country back road fantasy.

Luke begins his album with an upbeat and country-grit theme, “Kick the Dust Up”. His country roots shine through with lyrics, “Watching that money grow”, since most citizens in the country are farmers and make their living off of growing crops. But don’t let his charming lyrics about the country life fool you, he makes sure that everyone gets a feel of partying country style, “Back it on up, Fill your cup up."

“Kill The Lights” is revealed on the second track. “High beams, you and me. Little back road, barely see”, Luke Bryan is showing us how much of a true southern gentleman he is by taking his girl on a deserted and dark back road to have a midnight rendezvous. “Kill the Lights, you can take me there tonight”.

“Strip It Down” and “Home Alone Tonight” have similar themes of broken relationships. “We both know that we lost it somehow”, suggests that Luke is trying to mend his relationship by “Stripping Down” everything that went wrong and reflecting on it or the track can also be interpreted as literally taking his clothes off. “Home Alone Tonight” is a lovely duet with Karen Fairchild about rebounding after a relationship, “Snap a payback picture, send it to my ex… and send them both a text saying we ain’t going home alone tonight”. Along with the theme of broken hearts, “Just Over” is Luke’s ode to finally calling it quits on a relationship. “No, but it’s the kind where the sheets get colder and she don’t need no shoulder to cry on.”

Don’t let his girl drama fool you, Luke Bryan still has the magical ability to get thousands of fans swoon over him with his tender love songs, “Love it Gone” and “To the Moon and Back”. “Love it Gone” has a nice old country feel to it, “Anything that’s wrong, Let me, Let me love it gone”. “To the Moon and Back” is a beautiful slow love poem, “To the ends of the earth, to the moon and back”. It is my favorite track from “Kill the Lights” because it is so different from all the other tracks.

The final theme of “Kill the Lights” is Luke Bryan’s country roots. “Fast”, “Huntin’ Fishin’, and lovin’ every day”, and “Scarecrow” have the same exact themes of growing up. “Fast” has a self-explaining title. It is about Luke growing up way too fast, “Sixty seconds now feels more like thirty”. “Scarecrow” is almost the same, except he focuses more on life growing up in the country, “We didn’t have no downtown strip. We’d all pole in and take a 2 mile trip to where the road runs out”. “Huntin’, Fishin’, and Lovin’ Every Day” includes the same country pride theme, “Huntin’, Fishin’, and lovin’ every day, that’s the prayer that a country boy prays.”

“Kill the Lights” is everything you would expect from a Luke Bryan album. Bryan knows how to keep his fans intrigued with his country-party songs to play poolside on a hot summer day. With numerous mentions of beer, trucks, and cornfields, Luke Bryan blends in perfectly and keeps his country legacy going.
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