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Rachele Lynae
Rachele Lyna

Rachele Lynae | Rachele Lynae

Label:  Momentum Label Group
Release Date: April 22, 2014
Rating:  3.5 out of 5
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April 21, 2014
By Amaris Rodriguez
Powerful vocals and a talent for songwriting, looks like Rachele Lynae was born to be part of the country music industry.

The twenty-five year old from Kodiak, Alaska began performing at the age of five and by the time she was twelve she had begun songwriting. Hitting the road at seventeen, she began performing around her hometown and up and down the west coast.

Relocating to Nashville to attend Belmont University, which has produced country mega stars like Brad Paisley and Trish Yearwood, Lynae started to make a name for herself in the music scene. Playing at many Nashville hot spots including Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, she started to gain a reputation for her energetic stage presences and exciting live shows. By the end of her senior year Lynae recorded a five-song EP which led to her meeting music producer Jamie O’Neal, who would eventually produce her debut album.

Set to release on April 22nd of this year, Rachele Lynae’s self-titled debut album has potential to launch Lynae’s music into mainstream radio.

The album features twelve tracks, all co-written by Lynae, that deal with life and relationship woes

Lynae’s album starts off with “Touch The Stars”, a happy country tune that talks about the how exciting it is to be with someone who you like. The tracks music is light hearted, fun and features a catchy melody which ties perfectly into the theme of the song. With lyrics like “when we’re together, baby we can fly, and touch the stars tonight”, the song does a great job at portraying a carefree romance. The sweet vocals are a departure from the tougher sounding sound of her next song, “Words in Red”. A look into Lynae’s religious side, “Words in Red” is one of the more lyrically powerful songs on the album and will definitely strike a chord with other religious listeners. Referring to the coloring of the words in the bible, the play on words in relating the world to “black and white” and “shades of gray start clouding up my head” allow for a very well written song whose lyrics showcase a strong emotion. Accompanying the lyrics is a tougher country band sound with electric guitars and drums help power the song.

The third track, “Cigarette” deals with the emotions of a toxic relationship by comparing it to another toxic habit. Probably one of the best written tracks on the album, “Cigarette” references feelings associated with smoking and ties them in with the feelings associated with being in an emotionally damaging relationship. Singing lyrics such as “quick to light and slow to burn, soothes the pain and brings the hurt”, Lynae’s vocals showcase vulnerability and a level of hurt that will resonate with fans that are in the same situation.

On the other spectrum of relationships, the fourth track “Sometimes You Fly” is about letting your guard down in a new relationship. Singing about a situation that many have been in, Lynae sings about taking a leap of faith, “sometimes you fall, sometimes you fly” and letting yourself fall in love with someone which can be scary at times. With a melody that complements the heartfelt lyrics; its Lynae’s twangy vocals that really get across a country feel.

With her reputation of energy packed performances, Lynae also includes more party songs like track number five “Party ‘til the Cows Come Home” and track eight “Out on the Floor”. Although both songs fall under the less than impressive in the lyrics category, the instrumentals do add variety to the album.  

Lynae’s songwriting skills are then again showcased in track number seven. “Clean” is a heartfelt, well written and lyrically honest song. Recalling memories from childhood all the way into adulthood, the concept of getting clean both literally and spiritually is incorporated in a smart and poetic way. The music is simple yet still plays up Lynae’s vocals to produce an all-around great song.

“Fishin’ For Something” does a good job of telling guys off, which is something female country singers are talented at and Rachele Lynae is no exception. While a favorite pass time for many Lynae isn’t too particularly happy about a guy trying to “fish” to try and reel her in. Cleverly singing “you’re fishin’ for something that ain’t in the water”, this song is sure to be popular with a new generation of country girls who have experienced that situation.

Speaking about telling guys off, track number eleven describes what happens when you cross two girls. Singing about teaming up to plot revenge on a cheating guy, “Two For One Special”. Channeling her inner Carrie Underwood, Lynae might have gotten her hands on a new kind of version of “Before He Cheats”.

Just in time for summer, “Sticky Summer Lovin” can be considered the summer romance theme song off of this album. While the lyrics that can be interpreted to be a bit riske, “ skinny dippin’ cause it feels right…aint nothing better than some sticky summer lovin, who knows how far we’ll go”,  this is definitely the type of song a twenty-something fun loving girl would listen to while driving around in the summer heat. If “Sticky Summer Lovin” is able to reach that demographic it definitely has potential to be a success for Lynae.

Post-breakup song “Done is Done” takes the listener through the different stages of grief when a relationship ends. Starting off with dealing with the doubt and questions to moving on to acceptance and finding strength as a single person, the lyrics paint a great image of how most people deal with breakups. Lynae’s vocals showcase vulnerability where needed and get stronger as the lyrics progress into that stage. The modesty and honesty of heartfelt lyrics like those of “Done is Done” always resonates well with country listeners and this track is made for helping people heal.

Ending the album is “Old Fashioned Love”. Lynae sings about wishing to find someone who can show her that “old fashioned love” that people talk about. While songs with this theme can sometimes come across too needy, the lyrics do a great job of balancing the need and want of this kind of love. With lyrics like “I don’t need a half to make me whole but it’d sure be nice if I could find a hand I’d want to hold”, Lynae seems to want to find someone who she can love while also staying independent. “Old Fashioned Love” brings an older country sound, a la Sara Evans, and adds a bit of new generation sound to compose a great song that can become a hit for Lynae.

Mixing an older country feel with sounds of a new generation is what sets this album apart from other up and coming female singers. Rachele Lynae has incorporated her strong songwriting abilities with her gifted vocals into a combination that can take her far in the music industry. Her self-titled debut has potential to get her noticed and set her up in a genre that recognizes a lyrically strong song and a talented singer. With the level of song maturity like many other talented country female singers before her, Rachele Lynae is a name to keep in mind. Nashville, she has arrived.
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