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Robin Thicke | Blurred Lines

Label:  Star Trak/Interscope
Release Date: July 30, 2013
Rating:  4.4 out of 5
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August 1, 2013
By Luanne Lim
It’s hard to find a station that hasn’t been playing the hit summer single “Blurred Lines.” Named after said single, Robin Thicke’s latest studio album is just as funky (and overtly sexual) as R&B can get. Blurred Lines features eleven songs that showcase Thicke’s smooth vocal range and style.

Starting off Blurred Lines is the title track. As I mentioned before, “Blurred Lines” has swept the charts this summer. Thicke collaborates with famous rappers T.I. and Pharrell for the hit single. I don’t think I really need to explain how addicting listening to this song can be. I always find myself giggling whenever I hear Thicke cleverly sing: “you wanna hug me, what rhymes with ‘hug me’.” The beat is funky and unique, the collaborators are brilliant and the lyrics are witty. That, in my opinion, makes for a great song.

It’s safe to say, from listening to the title track, that the album will have songs that are sexual. The second track, “Take it Easy on Me,” just emphasizes that point. The song starts off with intriguing lyrics that are pretty much to the point: “I’m fascinated by your step. I’ll rip through all your fancy clothes. I want to shop for your underwear...” Moving on from the words, the beat is subtly dubstep. “Take it Easy on Me” definitely makes for an interesting listen.

In “Ooo La La”, Thicke sings in somewhat of a falsetto. Later on, he adds a deeper vocal accompaniment to sweeten up the track even more. “Ooo La La” has a disco, eighties dance club feel to it. The following track, “Ain’t No Hat 4 That” and “Get in My Way” take on a similar vibe. These tracks just make you want to get up and dance… or go to the nearest disco and have a blast.

“Give it 2 U” strays away from the eighties vibe of the previous three songs, and shows that Thicke can also match the sound of present-day music. “Give it 2 U” also features the vocal talent of Kendrick Lamar. Lyric-wise, the track is quite explicit; however, that doesn’t make the song any less catchy. Aside from “Blurred Lines,” I would have to say “Give it 2 U” is a close second to being my favorite from this album.

“Feel Good” and “4 the Rest of My Life” appear to be the slower, more ballad-type songs on the album. Both tracks are accompanied by more subtle, less produced backing beats. While “Feel Good” ups the tempo towards the chorus, “4 the Rest of My Life” maintains the lower, low-paced tempo that one usually expects in a ballad. It’s mesmerizing from the moment the singing begins.

“Go Stupid 4 U” would make any girl blush. The song is full of flattering lyrics, and when paired with Thicke’s sultry voice, it’s completely swoon-worthy.

Thicke puts his rapping cap on in the next track. “Top of the World” is more soul/rap than the previous songs. “Top of the World” tells the story of a girl who worked her way from the bottom to get to the top. She’s “on top of the world” and has her life in control.

Despite having a song titled, “Feel Good,” the last song of Blurred Lines, “The Good Life”, is more of a feel-good song. Like the previous track, “The Good Life” is about the ups and downs of life. It has a very bouncy, gospel-esque sound that gives you a nice, warm, bubbly feeling inside after listening to it. The song is a great ending to a great album.  

Even when singing about explicit deeds, Thicke’s voice is very mesmerizing. The R&B singer’s voice is very versatile and smooth, blending well with the suave, flirtatious lyrics and dance worthy beats. Full of impressive high notes, collaborations from fellow R&B/Rap artists and sensual lyrics, Blurred Lines is a great album that will keep the ladies swooning, and the gents wishing they were as dapper as Robin Thicke.
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