Keep True

Keep True

December 14, 2018
By Alan Ho

Keep True are an up and coming pop-punk group out of Kansas City that might end up square on the radar for bands to watch in 2019!  The group formed in the summer of 2017 with the goal of returning pop-punk back to its roots from over 30 years ago.  Let the band describe it:  “‘Digging Up Bones’ is our attempt at trying to bring back the classic sound of pop-punk that forged the genre 30 years ago. It’s about heartbreak, holding grudges, letting go of them, and growing up. The name was chosen because that saying really embodies the whole concept of these songs collectively; digging up old emotions that you wish would stay buried, but somehow keep working themselves up above ground again.”

We got the chance to sit down with Rick Lalicker, the bassist for the group for this Hot Seater!

Thank you for climbing into the Hot Seat with us today!  Let our audience know who we have on the Hot Seat!

My name is Rick and I currently play bass for the band!

You are described as aiming to bring back the sound of pop-punk from 30 years ago.  What sets you apart from the other groups currently in the genre?
We focus more on the raw "punk" style riffing from the 90's and keeping the drums fast paced and upbeat.

Give us the mindset and processes behind the efforts that created your debut EP Digging Up Bones..
I have always only played in metal bands for the last nearly 15 years and I wanted to branch out and try something new. I had always wanted to write music with Taylor because I loved her voice and we both grew up on and loved pop punk so it was a pretty easy start up. Taylor and I are married though, so throughout the process some things went very smooth and other not so much haha. There were some arguments and disagreements but in the end I think it made for a great record and I'm really excited for it and pround of it. Jake and Sam came in and were able to spice it up and add some of their own style to it and made it that much better.

What was it like to work with Josh Schroeder in the production process of crafting the EP?
We actually only hired him to mix and master the EP, which that was great. The dude is really smart and taught us a lot through the whole process and he was able to take our tracks and give them the professional sound we've been searching for.

What was the inspiration behind the two singles in the EP, “Living” and “Deal With It?”
We chose "Living" and "Deal With It" to be the 2 singles because not only do we believe they are strong tracks, but I also think they contrast and compliment each other very well. "Living" was probably our most thorough track we did. We spent so much time going back and tweaking different sections and trying to make everything perfect. It's more technical and riffy, whereas "Deal With It" was one of those songs that just kid of wrote itself quickly. Also, even though they are actually the same tempo, "Living" seems much slower and more cinematic and Deal With It just gives you a fast paced, straight to your face punk feeling.

Actually, going on the inspiration part, who are the inspirations behind what makes Keep True tick?
Musically the inspirations were the early pop punk bands of the 90's/00's. Green Day, Blink, a little Fugazi, Sum-41, NFG. Lyrically everything was taken straight from Taylor's life. She's dealt with some hardships in the past and wanted an outlet to get them out.

Will there be a full-length album down the road or another EP in today’s EP and single-fueled world?
Singles and EP's seem to be the way to go nowadays atleast from a DIY standpoint. I guess it depends on where we decide to take the band.

How about the road?
We would like to plan a few weekend runs and slowly work our way out. A longer tour would probably be beneficial, but we just aren't financially capable of doing one at the current moment. 

And as far as the road goes, say a dream tour op has been offered, who’d you spend months on the road with as far as other bands?
I mean if you wanted to go full on fantasy dream tour, opening for a Blink/Green Day/Paramore/Neck Deep Tour would not only be an insane platform for us as a band, but I could watch that show every night and it would never get old haha.
Alan Ho is the co-founder, CEO and Chief Publisher/Webmaster of  In between his IT guy duties in his day job, watching CW superhero shows, rooting for the Cubs and his alma mater Purdue, he manages to find time to review albums, make an infrequent sit-down in the Hot Seat and go cover a show or two. Tweet him at @atrain2324, he tweets, therefore he tweets.
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