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Jonas Brothers

July 06, 2007
By Kim Kaminske
Editor's note: As part of a series of hot seaters we are grabbing from the wayback machine, we are sprucing them up and blasting them into our current layout and adding mobile support! Here is one of them, a rare face to face hot seater with the Jonas Brothers from 2007 before a headline show in the Boston area supporting their breakout self-titled album and thus, beginning the climb to superstardom!

Kim: How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?
Kevin: Invigorating. Hopefully it’s encouraging and fun, something that gets stuck in your head maybe a little bit. You wanna dance to it when you hear it. These are things we hope that people think [of our music].

Kim: If you could collaborate with anyone on your next CD who would it be?
Kevin: The Veronicas. I want to do a song with the Veronicas so bad.

Kim: Didn’t you tour with them?
Kevin: We did but we love those girls and I think it would be a lot of fun to do a song with them.
Joe: The Veronicas or the Beatles, Paul McCartney. The Police would be fun. Switchfoot, Rooney

Kim: Switchfoot would be really good.
Kevin: Yeah Jeff Forman and all of them.
Joe: Michael Jackson

Kim: Michael Jackson, really?
Joe: Well, from behind a wall.

Kim: How do you pump yourself up for a show?
Kevin: We have a dance party.
Joe: We do, on our bus.
Kevin: This is the bus, right? (points to bus behind us) Right here we have the TVs and there is an enormous sound system and we just turn up everything as loud and it can possibly go and we just crank it up and the bus is just rockin’.

Kim: What is your favorite and least favorite thing about touring?
Joe: Favorite thing is being able to play in front of all the people every night. Least favorite thing is I have one of those things in my mouth, what is it called a cold sore?

Kim: Cold sore? Yeah.
Joe: Well I have one of those in my mouth and it kinda hurts.
Kevin: You’re away from home but this tour we’re rolling with two buses so we can have our family on the bus.
Kim: So it’s like a home away from home.
Kevin: Exactly. It’s a rolling home.

Kim: So your second album is coming out in about a month. What would you say is similar and different compared to your first album?
Kevin: I think our first album was a little more raw. We were learning who we were. And now our album is more tight, I think we figured out who we want to be and what we want to sound like. We had a lot of experiences in the past year that has really allowed us to grow in our writing. Even in our maturity I would say because honestly you know we’ve all gotten older of course. Our hair is all tamed now. Except Nick’s.
Joe: You tamed your hair once
Nick: I did do that once, as a joke.

Kim: How did that turn out?
Nick: Not so good, it looked like Kevin’s.
Kevin: What’s that suppose to mean?!?!
Nick: No, I think he looks good with it. I don’t.

Kim: What is your favorite song to perform or even just in general?
Nick: I think my favorite song off this new record is called ‘Hollywood’. It’s a real fun energetic song and it has a good message behind it and my favorite song to play live would have to be ‘Goodnight, Goodbye’. It’s a really cool, fun, new song. The record’s a really good live record. All the songs are very sing-a-long able…..I guess?
Kevin: For me, ‘S.O.S.’ by far. It’s my favorite song. It’s our new single we just finished the video for it so it’s gunna be really cool.

Kim: When’s the video going to be coming out?
Kevin: I’d say probably the beginning weeks, first week of August.

Kim: Oh, so around the same time the album’s coming out.
Kevin: Right, so when the album’s coming out because we’re still riding ‘Hold On’ right now.
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