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Il Volo
Il Volo Ingram Hill
Alex Z. Name: Back to Me
Label: RCA/Sony Music
Release Date: November 15, 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Review written by: Jackie Browne
We’ve been waiting for a Howie D solo album for quite some time now and it’s finally being released. Fans will be very happy and satisfied with this album; it’s a mixture of upbeat, and slow. Howie D is a member of the Backstreet Boys who’s ventured off into doing his own solo stuff as well as sticking around with the boy band. Howie D will be on the Backstreet Boys cruise happening Dec 3-5th leaving Miami and cruising the Bahamas.

Let’s break down the album song by song to give you a taste of what you’re going to witness when you BUY the album. Don’t download it for free, this man deserves all the support from the fans so buy the album please.

Before the breakdown here’s the official track listing:

Back to Me:
1. 100
2. Back To Me
3. Going Going Gone
4. Dominoes
5. Shatterproof
6. Lie To Me
7. Over My Head
8. Pure
9. Sleepwalking
10. Stay
11. This Is Just What I Needed
12. Way To Your Heart

The first single from this album was "100" and the first song on the album coincidentally is "100". Many people may or may not of heard of this song already, and hopefully for those who have heard it have seen the music video. This song is very upbeat and would probably be a song heard at a club. It’s a song put together well and I know those who maybe haven’t heard "100" yet will be hooked and want more Howie D.

Title track :Back To Me" has a very ‘cool’ feeling to it, and I feel like Howie went of of his zone to create this song. I loved the line in the song that goes “Girl it feels like you are my boomerang, she’s coming back to me.” It’ll probably be the hook of the song, and the most catchy part that will stick with you. It definitely has a different feel to it then from what you've heard from the first two singles; '100' and 'Lie To Me' but definitely a good addition to the album.

"Going Going Gone" fits well after 'Back To Me'. In the background you can hear a choir singing and it really gives this song some umph. As for the lyrics and the way they are laid out in this song I'm not too sure what to think, if I listened to it a little more it would probably grow on me because the beats are very addicting. Nearing the end of the song it really catches you, the beginning throws you off but nearing the end it catches you and hooks you back on the line for the next song.

"Dominoes" is another club feeling song, Howie's voice is very soft but also feels powerful. The words really run s"moothly with the beat and his voice works with the background music. Howie has a mixture of high and low pitches in his voice on this album it gives the fans a taste of how well Howie can sing, and also showcase all of his full talent.

Shatterproof: I love Howie's voice on this track, it's soft and can reel anyone into loving it. This song is very upbeat and catchy. There wasn’t a downfall on this track, it's perfect the way it is. Around the two minute point it get's that club feeling, this should be a single off of the album. It would definitely pull in more Howie D fans with the upbeat background music, and the lyrics.

"Lie To Me" is the second single from this album, When I first listened to this song it was very hard to understand the lyrics, so I feel maybe the lyrics could have been better presented. But all in all this song is beautiful and I really love how Howie wrote the lyrics. His voice is so soft and precious in this song. Howie should sing more songs like this one, his voice definitely fits this kind of song.

"Over My Head" is a really good song to follow after ‘Lie to Me’ I definitely can relate to this song, as could other people. This song showcases Howie's high and low voice, both in one
which is a bonus! It's definitely a catchy song, Howie repeats "over my head" and it will be stuck in every one's heads for days. Over My Head is one of those songs that everyone will hate to love because it's so catchy.

"Pure" is the eighth song on the album, it follows 'Over My Head' and it has a club feeling to it. This song definitely gets your toes tapping and that's how you know it's a good song. This is another song I hope becomes a single, it's another song that would really reel in new fans. “It feels so good, and it feels so right” walking down the street dancing to this song, so Howie made a good decision about including this one on the album.

"Sleepwalking" starts off with a piano playing, which will hook a lot of fans. Around 30 seconds the song becomes more upbeat and Howie's voice goes high. I'm not a fan of this song just because of the highness of his voice. Some songs his high voice works, but this one just doesn't complement his voice at all. Just because I’m not a huge fan of it, I’m sure a lot of others will enjoy it!

I've been looking forward to hearing ‘Stay’ since Howie showed a little bit of the chorus in his Ustream. It's a beautiful song, probably one of my favourites off of this album. His voice complements the background music, and is really beautiful. The music during the chorus is really beautiful, when you hear it you'll see what I mean.

"This Is Just What I Needed" is really not a favourite from this album. I was looking forward to it, but the beginning of the song threw me off. The chorus hooked me back onto the song, and kept me hooked but I feel like the beginning should of been the hook because some people only listen to the first few seconds and if they don't like it they skip it. And this song might be a song people will skip.

"Way To Your Heart" is the last song on the album, and it's really a good way to finish up a long awaited album. 'Please Don't Fade Away' is the opening line of the song and it's something the fans are going to be saying to Howie. This song was very long overdue but Howie's fans will be very impressed with this album, and will be wanting more from him in the near future. I do feel like he's better off with the group but some of his solo stuff really convinced me that he's doing good on his own.

This album really did impress me, and was worth the wait. If you’re a Backstreet Boys fan you should give this album a try, Howie made a pretty good album. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more from Howie D in the future, hopefully some solo touring. I know a lot of his fans are hoping for a solo tour so let’s keep hoping and wishing for one.

If you’re iffy on this album, don’t be you wont be let down or regret buying it! Just because I don’t agree with some of the songs doesn’t mean you wont like them. We all have different taste so I think you should give it a try and if you don’t like it then at least you can say you tried right?
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