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The Critics Corner: Albums
Georgia Clay
Josh Kelley | Georgia Clay
Acoustic singer-songwriter turns country with solid country debut
Name: Georgia Clay
Label: UMG Nashville
Release Date: March 22, 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Review written by: Alexandra Zawada

The wonderful singer-songwriter, Josh Kelley, whom you may also know as Charles Kelley’s (from Lady Antebellum) brother has made his country music debut with his album ‘Georgia Clay’. This album is filled with songs about heartbreak, reminiscing, and how a woman captivated him. The songs ‘Georgia Clay’ and ‘Great Idea’ are all about looking back at memories. In 'Georgia Clay', a truck makes him look back to when he was younger ("Ain't it funny how some things take you back..") when "life was nothing more than living for the night". It's catchy tune will definitely make the song stuck in your head. 'Great Idea' is about how when you see someone for the first time in a long while and you look back at the memories together and you can either look back or create brand new memories together: "Is that a good memory or great idea? Do we just reminisce or get out of here?". A good ol' country song on the album is 'Raining Whiskey' which you will definitely find yourself dancing to. All about just having a good time with your friends and forgetting about all the troubles in your life...with the help of some alcohol.

My personal favorites and the "gems" of Josh's album would have to be: 'Baby Blue Eyes', 'Learning You', and 'Don't You Go'. Starting with 'Baby Blue Eyes', I promise you will want to listen to this beautiful song over and over and over again. The instrumental in the beginning draws you in immediately and then Josh's vocals only make the song ten times better. This song brings out the best in Josh's voice. The song is all about how a girl captivates him with everything about her but especially her eyes. Listen to it once and I am sure you will be singing along right away. This slow and beautiful song will make all of the female listeners wish it was written for them.. or at least it definitely made me feel that way!

'Learning You' is another great slow song on the album. It is all about him getting to know a girl or 'learning' her. Figuring the girl out as if she's a mystery or a book, "let me turn every page of your life". Also, figuring out how to get to her heart and wanting her to fall in love with him and trust him completely. It has a pretty simple tune to it, which is great for this song because the listener should be concentrating on the lyrics.

'Don't You Go' is yet another slow song.. Josh is absolutely wonderful when it comes to the slow songs. This song is all about him asking the girl to stay with him because she "could save your plans for another time" and "this is the only place you need to be right now". The song shows how badly he needs to be with the girl and how he doesn't want to be apart from her.

The heartbreak songs would be 'Gone Like That' and 'Ain't Lettin' Go' which both address the pain that you go through during a heartbreak and when you're "just barely treading water" you cannot take another heartbreak as well as even though the girl has moved on, he cannot get her out of his mind and let go.

All the songs on the album are filled with great emotion that everyone has or will feel at one point in their life and Josh does a great job of portraying it all with the lyrics. It's a great album to listen to if you are in love, if you are heartbroken, if you are beginning a relationship.. basically, the album is a great listen for anyone that likes country music. I came in being skeptical of the album, but I ended up loving it! Josh Kelley has a wonderful voice and his talent pours out of this album. An amazing way to debut his country music career.
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