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Sunday, May 26th
Music Reviews: Concerts
All Time Low rocks it in Seattle

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Band brings electricity and passion to NY

Cristina goes to Albany, NY to check out the Jimmy Eat World/Paramore tour.

Silverstein & TDWP rocks out Seattle

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The Veronicas makes rousing return to the US

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Copeland/Lovedrug @ Boston

Amanda reviews the Boston tour stop for Copeland, Lights, Lydia and Lovedrug.

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Debut gets weighed down by conventional songs

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Ballads dominate somewhat conventional debut

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Alt-rockers evolve on new effort

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Legend evolves into modern R&B/soul on new album

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Forgive Durden- Razia's Shadow

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Country debut tries to do too much

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Disney star makes stellar debut

Spencer reviews the major label and album debut of Camp Rock star Demi Lovato.

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Relient K
Honor Society @ The Fillmore @ Irving Plaza, NYC

Popular pop/rock trio raises the roof in NYC
Honor SocietyOn Sunday February 15, the gentlemen of Honor Society returned home and rocked a show here in New York at the Filmore. The widley anticipated show exceeded all my expectations. 
I arrived at around 5:45 and doors opened at 6. The minute I stepped out of the cab, I was in shock to hear that people were outside waiting since 5 a.m! When the doors opened, the crowd quickly pushed their way through to get a good view of the show. Then I heard screams that I can only associated with the presence of a certain pop group of  three, globally known brothers. And surely enough it was. Good friends of Honor Society, The Jonas Brothers stopped by the show to support their friends. But they definitely did not steal the show.

The gentlemen of Honor Society brought to the stage more excitement and energy of an other show of theirs I've been too. It made the show that much more enjoyable because we could all tell they truly were happy to be performing. The crowd was going crazy as all four guys Michael Bruno(vocals&guitar), Andrew Lee(bass), Jason Rosen(keyboard), and Alexander Noyes(drums) ran on to the stage, smiling ear to ear.

They got right into the music by performing their song "Two Rebels". It was a great choice, because it got the whole crowd to dance and sing along. Being the true gentlemen they are, the guys followed byslowing things down with a simple balled, "Goodnight my Love". Then Michael made each member start a beat, which soon turned into an amazing, yet unique cover of Kayne West's song "Heartless". They also played new song called "My Own Way," co-written by the Jonas Brothers. 

Soon enough, Michael introduced the Jonas Brothers to come onstage. Their collaboration together is truly a match made in music heaven. All 7 guys performed "Don't Close the Book;" its lyrics and a melody caught with the crowd very well. "Oh Oh Oh OOOH" was sung by every person in the room, definitely making it sound much more special.

A highly energetic crowd cheered the four guys back on stage for an encore. They performed their song "Over You". But we all knew that Honor society couldn't leave without performing their most popular song "See U in the Dark". It was definitely the perfect ending - it literally had the whole place moving. If you weren't breaking out into the "Honor Roll", then you were jumping and dancing.

This is definitely the best show I've ever seen from these guys. Their energy was addicting and their sound was capturing. For those of you who still haven't seen or heard Honor Society i suggest getting tickets to their next tour which hopefully will be soon. It really does not matter what type of genre of music you are into, this band combines aspects from different genres, such as rock and hip-hop. Honor Society is definitely going places with this sound.

Alexandra ZawadaMelissa Lynham is a staff writer in the East Coast region for Musiqtone.com. You can reach her at melissalynham@musiqtone.com.
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