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DNA Little Mix | DNA
Hayley Holmes Album name: DNA
Label: Syco Music/Columbia (US)
Release Date: May 28, 2013 (US), 11/19/2012 (UK)
Rating: -- 4.8 out of 5

Review written by: Hayley Holmes
The British are coming, and this time it’s with a girl group quartet! Little Mix, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jesy Nelson, and Jade Thirwall, were the first girl group, actually the first group to win the X-Factor (UK) in 2011. Since then, these four have taken the U.K by storm and now, they’re coming for America. Their debut album DNA features songs full of spunk and incredible harmonies only achievable by the diversities in their voices. If you combined Destiny’s Child and The Spice Girls you might have a rough idea of what Little Mix is all about. With their mind blowing vocal ranges and their high-spirited lyrics, Little Mix is the group to fill the hole in the industry. DNA is the perfect debut album for them, and that is shown in every single track on the record.

The first track on the album “Wings” (#1 video on The Countdown) was the first single released from the new album DNA, and also the first single they released after winning the X-Factor. This is such a fun, encouraging song making it the perfect first single. Explaining that “these wings are made to fly and we don’t let nobody bring us down” is the perfect way to tell anyone that these girls are only going up.

Next album title track, “DNA”, brings out the Destiny Child-esque sound mentioned earlier. The fierceness of this song surpasses anything that’s been done in years. In the bridge especially, listeners get a glimpse into the impressive vocal range and diversity of the girls and frankly why they won the X-Factor.

“Change Your Life”, one of my favorite songs on the album, is all about girl power. It’s a great song to encourage everyone that you can become what ever you want because you have the ability to change your life. This track is another excellent example of each girl’s vocal ability. Each of their solos as well as Perrie’s incredible harmonies in the background make this song another impressive and powerful one.

From there, the album continues to transition to a more sentimental area with “Always Together”.  In this track it’s very evident that the girls aren’t just bandmates but great friends as well. Saying “we’ll always be together forever always, I am here” it’s encouraging to anyone to see such strong friendships and especially here them sung about so powerfully.

“Stereo Solider” is another great upbeat, dance track. Luckily though, as with all of their songs, it doesn’t lose depth or effect even though it makes you want to dance. Talking all about how they wanna dance, this song is definitely that Spice Girls/Destiny’s Child collaboration that shows how fun and entertaining Little Mix is.

Next the two “saddest” songs on the album, “Pretend It’s OK” and “Turn Your Face”. “Pretend It’s OK” which is a great example of the deeper side of the girls. Explaining a situation where you just have to pretend everything is ok when it’s really not.  “Turn Your Face” has a beautiful piano accompaniment and it’s lyrically beautiful as well. It once again shows each girl’s vocal ability tremendously. “Turn your face so I can’t see you anymore, just walk away” this song is another powerful, gut wrenching song.

From there, we go back to the girl power-y side of Little Mix with “We Are Who We Are”. With a similar message to “Wings”, this track talks a lot about how you don’t need to change for anyone because you are who you are and you were made to be you because there’s no other you! It’s a great song with a great message that is brought about in a catchy song.

“How Ya Doin?” is another one of my absolute favorites on this album. It once again has a super sassy, girl power like feel to it. With the simulations of a phone ringing in the beginning and a disconnected phone in the end, this song dares you to belt out the lyrics. The recently released music video for this track fits the song perfectly and shows you that the Little Mix girls are strong girls who don’t have time for people who are going to try to walk all over them! You go, girls!

“Going Nowhere” is another song that shows that these girls are strong an independent. Talking about how all he does is play Xbox and he’s not the boy he said he would be, he’s going nowhere, this track is perfect for a girl band to show that they’re not just going to sit around and play games.

The last track on the album, “Madhouse” makes you want to dance like no other. With the chorus saying, “yes I’m burning up, music is my drug” you literally can’t help but rock out. This track shows that the crazy, sassy, elaborate, X-Factor side of Little Mix is still there.       

It’s pretty easy to see that there’s nothing little about Little Mix. With killer harmonies, incredible vocal ranges, and fierce style, these British girls are exactly what the industry needs right now. DNA is the perfect debut album to show their range of talent and it should totally do just as well over here in the states as in the U.K! Check out their awesome music videos at youtube.com/littlemixVEVO and be sure to purchase DNA when it’s released on May 28th in the US and Canada!
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