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Il Volo
Matthew Koma | Parachute Matthew Koma
Alex Z. Album name: Parachute
Label: Interscope
Release Date: May 29, 2012
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Review written by: Maura Harwood
It’s not easy to make a splash in the music industry, especially as a newcomer releasing their first EP. However, like most things, there are definite exceptions to this rule. One of these exceptions is Matthew Koma. With his debut EP Parachute out now on Interscope Records, which boasts such artists as Eminem, 50 Cent, and even American Idol alums, Parachute has proven Koma a sure-fire hit for the record company.

The EP houses five songs, each one with different qualities that create a unique and catchy record. Though it could be considered club or dance music, Koma’s catchy lyrics and beats makes him stand out as an artist in a sea of unoriginality.

For example, the first song “Voyeur,” is undeniably catchy and dance-worthy. For fans of such movies as the Step Up franchise, it is most definitely comparable to a song that could be heard in movies such as these.

The title track “Parachute” has a very Maroon 5 feel to it. With a peppy piano line and fun lyrics, it’s a song that surely headed for a top 40 slot. “But we’ll survive cause we got love,” sings Koma, a lyric sure to capture the hearts of many fans around the country.

“Stars” is another great track. It has sweet guitar licks and an infectious beat. And similarly, the only other track on the EP “1998” is also quite catchy, with lyrics and a melody that are reminiscent of another pop sensation, the band Train. Not bad comparisons for someone who just released his debut EP!

Koma will be beginning a 12 date tour starting September 22nd with top 40 star Owl City, which makes sense as his music is most definitely reminiscent of Adam Young’s music with its upbeat and catchy lyrics. Koma’s voice also resembles that of Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, which will be attractive to many fans out there.

Matthew Koma is off to a great start with his upbeat and catchy tunes. You can check him out at www.matthewkoma.com or on Twitter at @MatthewKoma. And be sure to download his EP Parachute on iTunes!

UPDATE: Get to know Matthew in a brief hot seater with our Maura Harwood! --Note from the Editor.

I got the chance to talk to singer-songwriter Matthew Koma about his brand new EP Parachute and find out a little more about his music and career!

MH: How would you describe your own music?
Matthew Koma: It's really a tough question, I feel like people can kind of check it out and describe it for themselves. It's definitely song driven, I grew up listening to a lot of story tellers like Elvis Costello and Bruce Springsteen and I carry some of that influence in the way that I tell stories. As far as the genre, it's a hard thing to say, they're song-driven pop songs. It's tough, you always think you're really unique.

MH: Who are some of your heroes?
MK: I grew up in a really musical household so from a very early age, I was just kind of turned on to the Tom Petty's and the Bruce Springsteen's, and they were definitely the first artists that got me thinking about writing my own songs or playing music and I think it kind of carried through for me. I still listen to those artists and I still learn so much of what I know about writing and music and relations to people from those artists so I think it's kind of been a very natural process growing up, especially in New York where there are always bands coming through. I was just influenced to keep at it and find my voice and say what I wanted to say.

MH: What was the process, both in the sense of songwriting and producing the EP, of creating your Parachute EP like?
MK: Sometimes there are ideas that are influenced by the track first, and you writing to the track. There are very different processes, there's not really one way to go about writing a song. There are four songs on it that are part of a full length record that will come out next year. Every song was a different process written in different cities, different places, some in San Francisco, some in L.A, some in New York. I think your surroundings influence the songwriting more than a generic or specific way of going about it.

MH: Do you have a favorite song on the EP?
MK: I like the song "1998" a lot. It was a song I wrote down with my buddy Ari Levine. It was really just kind of a fun learning process for us. I think it's my favorite of the four!

MH You’re going to be starting a tour with Owl City soon! What are you looking forward to most about touring with him?  
MK: I'm really stoked to tour with him. Adam is a really nice guy and really talented. It's the first tour with the beginning of a band! I have my drummer and another buddy out with me playing guitar and keys. It's exciting to start bringing that energy to it because growing up and listening to bands is part of how I operate and how I deliver my live show. It's the first time we're gonna step out on stage with a band and that really excites me.

MH: What do you most look forward to career wise in the future?
MK: I'm really excited to start connecting with people. It's really exciting to be in a place where I can have my voice, my message, my song, and my vibe. It'll be exciting for people to discover what I do and where I come from!
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