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Phillip Phillips | The World From The Side of the Moon Phillip Phillips | The World From The Side of the Moon
Alex Z. Album: The World From The Side Of The Moon
Label: Interscope, 19
Release Date: November 20, 2012
Rating 4.5 out of 5

Review written by: Hailey Sager
The World From The Side of the Moon is the highly anticipated debut album from the man with the double name. Phillip Phillips has such raw voice; it is hard to believe he hails from one of the latest seasons of American Idol.

I spent many summers at sleep away camp where the only music my counselors played in the cabin was Dave Matthews Band. I am very familiar with the band and The World From The Side of the Moon is almost an exact replica of the entire discography of Dave Matthews Band.  It is a blessing and a curse to say that Phillip Phillips is on par with Dave Matthews Band right from the start of his career. However, the whole time I was listening to the album all I could imagine was Dave Matthews singing these songs.

“Man On The Moon” is definitely the right song to open up The World From The Side of the Moon. The theme of “being above it all” shines throughout the album and it starts with this first track. “Man On The Moon’s” saxophone solo is the first reminder on this album of that Dave Matthews Band sound.

Phillip Phillips first hit single, “Home,” is one of the few songs on this album that stands away from the crooning styles of DMB.  “Home” has an extremely original sound and it is still holding it’s own on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart at Number 12.

My favorite song on this album is “Gone, Gone, Gone.” Watching him perform this song with the well-known PS22 chorus is definitely my favorite YouTube video of 2012. Watching him perform with the children was adorable and you could tell how amazed he was hearing his song sung back to him.

The middle of the album stands strong with “Hold On,” “Tell Me A Story,” and the enjoyable, “Get Up Get Down.” These songs show a range between slow and upbeat songs, all complimenting Phillip Phillips’ styles. I think if he were allowed to audition for American Idol with “Get Up Get Down,” he would have won the completion from day one.

“Where We Came From” shows diversity in this album, and it is more relatable to “Home” than the rest of the songs on The World From The Side Of The Moon.

“Drive Me” is the song on this album that has the most comparison to Dave Matthews Band. Following “Drive Me” is what starts out to be a slow ballad, “Wanted Is Love.” This song quickly picks up with the chorus. “Wanted Is Love” is definitely a song that showcases Phillip Phillips talents and a great fit to start the ending of the album.

“Can’t Go Wrong” is on my list of favorite songs on The World From The Side Of The Moon.  Phillip Phillips was going to be a successful artist whether or not he won American Idol. But this song is almost a reminder of where he did get his start.

“A Fool’s Dance” and “So Easy” are ballads that complement The World From The Side Of The Moon perfectly.  Any song on the album could be Phillip Phillips next single and I think that is very rare to find with artists today. He could easily use “So Easy,” or “Get Up Get Down” as his next single and they will do as well as “Home” is currently doing.

In its entirety The World From The Side Of The Moon was an outstanding album.  It usually takes artists years to create an album with as much originality that Phillip Phillips conquers in his debut album.  This album would have been perfect had he included his rendition of Usher’s “U Got It Bad,” but other than that I really enjoyed The World From The Side Of The Moon.
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