Halo Stereo is an American rock band with a sound you wont easily forget. Their sounds are said to be hard with a rock edge to them. winners of several well known awards throughout the years, Budweiser's "Band of the Year" it goes to show they are making their name known in the rock music industry. They've put out two albums, "The Invisible War" and their self titled "Halo Stereo". Their upcoming album is titled "Siren Songs". They are about to head out on a tour, that will include a night opening for The New York Dolls and Motley Crue. So definitely look out for these hard rockers in a city near you.

Lauren: So to start us off today, why don’t you introduce yourselves to the readers of Musiqtone. 
Andrew: My name’s Andrew Fry. I’m the frontman: I sing, play rhythm guitar and keys.

LE: Can you describe what your music is like to the people who have not listened before?
AF: Rock-alyptic (apocalyptic rock).....or Alternative/Electro/Rock, if you prefer. It’s alternative rock but we incorporate synths and electronic elements.

LE: What was it like to be included on the compilation album for South by Southwest 2011 showcases?
AF: It was pretty great. There were a lot of copies that were given out at SXSW. 

LE: How do you decide on album names?
AF: For us, album names have always stemmed from the content; the songs, the lyrics, themes, moods, etcetera. We have always let the album title come organically, after the fact, instead of naming an album first and then trying to write music to fit a title.

LE: What’s your favorite song to perform on stage?
AF: Right now I suppose it’s “You and Me (Against the World).” The song is very anthemic and energetic. The crowd always seems to feel it.

LE: Who are your music influences? Do you try to incorporate those influences into your music?
AF: There’s so many. I started playing guitar because of Slash from Guns n’ Roses. Of course, I was 11 years old, so that was a long time ago. All of us grew up listening to “grunge” and the Seattle bands, as well as 90’s alternative in general. Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead….those are some big ones that influences all of us. For me personally, I’m a pianist so composers like Chopin and Debussy influenced my melodic sense a lot. I also love experimental music and electronic artists like Aphex Twin and The Faint.  

I don’t think you really have to try to incorporate any of your influences into your music, they will find their way in. You only have to worry if someone says “Oh, you sound just like so-and-so. You must really be influenced by them.” Then you might need to tweak your sound, haha.

LE: Can you tell me a little about your upcoming tour?
AF: We will tentatively be playing Summerfest in Milwaukee Wisconsin at the end of June. We’ll do a 2 week or so tour up there and back. 

LE: What did you guys do when you found out you were opening for Motley Crue and The New York Dolls?
AF: We didn’t really celebrate or anything. It is a big deal, but were just like “Ok, awesome. Let’s do it!”

LE: Before you go on stage, do you guys do anything special to get pumped up before the show? 
AF: We have a pre-show ritual of getting in huddle, putting our hands in and then counting down to yelling “SHITCHEA!!” as we ‘break.’ Kind of like a sports teams, I guess. Haha.

LE: I recently read that you guys are doing a contest for your fans, can you tell me a little more about it?
AF: I believe it’s a fan art contest. Honestly, I don’t really know much about it. 

LE: What was it like touring in Japan and South Korea performing for the troops?
AF: It was great! We had a really good time and the troops appreciated us being there just as much as we appreciated the opportunity to go. I want to do another one as  soon as possible.

LE: Okay, now on to the fun questions, this is the 13th question, anyone in the band superstitious? 
AF: I don’t think so, no.

LE: Any celebrity crushes?
AF: Adriana Lima is gorgeous, I’d have to say her.

LE: Describe yourselves in three words.
AF: Not. Really. Possible.

LE: Can you tell us something that would surprise fans about you? 
AF: Well, I’m a pretty big computer geek. I fix computers on the side. That’s not very cool, is it?  8-]

LE:  Finally, do you guys have any last comments to tell the fans and the readers of Musiqtone?
AF: Check us out online at and “like” us on Facebook
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