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The Hot Sweat
We Are In The Crowd
We Are In The Crowd
By Alan Ho-- Chief Head, Chief Editor/Publisher

Las Vegas' The Cab is definitely one of alternative rock's most dynamic acts the genre has to offer. They are catchy without pretension, they have a crackling stagecraft everyone has to see and experience at least once and most of all, frontman Alex DeLeon has emerged as a young potental star songwriter, having penned many of the songs for the band. The 3 Alexes (along with Joey Thunder and Charles Henry) are on the 2010 Vans Warped Tour and I got a chance to stand the same ground as the charismatic frontman for the Las Vegas outfit for a hot seater....

Alan Ho: Tell us a little bit about what The Cab is all about, what kind of music?
Alexander DeLeon: It's R&B. I feel like half of our albums are really fun, and the other half are really inspirational. So it's kind of like a little bit of everything.

AH:You guys went for a lineup change, you changed your lineup. Did that affect your sound in any way or do you think it added more to it?
AD: I think it added more chemistry between the guys. You know me and Alex Marshall are pretty much the main writers we're both in the band.  The music has changed a little bit but not because the lineup has changed, it's because we've grown up and we've just evolved as a band.

AH: Tell us a little bit about your upcoming album.
AD:It's still very, well pop. It has all the same elements but everything is a little more intense focus. For the first record,  we were young and really excited to be recording an album and I don't think we really knew what we were doing, we were all over the place, but this time I think we really know what we are doing and who we are as a band.

AH: Any favorite songs off the album?
AD: The song we recorded called temporary blitz. I love that song, it's pretty cool.

AH: You guys are now Warped Tour Veterans.You've been through warped tour a two or three times. Does it get old? Do you get new experiences?
AD: The past few days have  amazing because the weather's been really good. Some of the days when its been 110 degrees, 90% humidity..you feel like you're gunna die.  Every day is something different, it's like  you're hanging out with your best friends. A lot of women and a lot of different people at every show. You get to meet a whole bunch of new fans, you hang out with your friends and you do meet people you know. Every day is different. A lot of the time, the shows, you play in an amphitheater every day, or atleast we do, so it's kind of dejavu with that, but outside of the shows, it's always different.

AH: Any Warped Tour stories? Maybe a prank or a prank gone wrong?
AD:Yesterday, Brian from The Summer Set was playing and I thought I'd...and I saw his cell phone on their amp and so I got his cell phone started tweeting really obnoxious, vulgar things, and he  looked at me saw me and was all “Hey man...” And then he saw what I was doing and he knew and he was like oh my Gd,and I tweeted like 20 things, and one thing I said was I put “this morning I woke up and shit my pants, today's going to be a good day” and “the other night in nashville I made out with a guy when I drank, it was a little awkward at first but at the end of the night I was really comfortable with it” Just like super obnoxious things, and he was even on stage and said “Hey everybody, Alex from the The Cab has my phone so when you see twitter, there will be very obnoxious things from me. It was hilarious and there was nothing he could do because he had a set to play, and he just had to watch me, but he knew in his head what I was doing.

AH: We watched your set briefly, what about your crowd reaction, the crowd's perception of you?
AD:Yeah of course, if the crowd's dead of if there's not that many kids, I as a singer, I'm very insecure and I'm very shy kind of; I don't know. The more into it the crowd is, the more people there are the more easy it is for us to get energy and for us to get involved.

AH: Thinking about crowds, what is the largest crowd you have ever played in front of?
Alex-We were on the rockband tour with PATD and we played the Staples Center. Probably close to 20,000, 15,000 people.

AH: How was it up on stage?
AD: That was amazing, that was the best. Well I'm a Laker fan and the Lakers play there so I was a nervous wreck. Yeah, I Was freaking out the whole night.

AH: What kind of tours do you have coming up? Do you have a headlining tour or something like that?
AD:Yeah we'll definitely headline. We haven't done the UK yet in Europe.  We've played Japan, we've done that, but never UK.  Hopefully we'll get over there, hopefully South America and just kind of branch out a bit more.

AH: Japan is a great, I mean they love pop music...
AD: Japan was amazing, like you said, they love pop music, they love good melodies.  We kind of felt like the Jonas Brothers when we played there; they were waiting outside of our hotel 24/7; it was amazing. We love our Japanese fans.

AH: So you're looking to go to more places?
AD:Yeah, I can't wait. My life goal is to do the world, so anywhere that I play that I haven't been is good with me.

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