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The Hot Sweat
Since Forever
This Century
By Ashley Rosenberg-- Staff writer, Pacific/Southwest

Meet the five masters of boyish charm, also known as Since Forever.  Zach Easterwood, Taylor Easterwood, Jason Freidman, Brendan Johnson, and Eric Woodie make up this fun, fresh, and lighthearted pop punk band.  
They know how to have a good time and they know what life, love, and wanting to live feels like.  They will release their first EP, the L.O.V.EP on October 20th.  They are so excited for this and can't wait to make more music and share more experiences with their fans.

Ashley-Introduce yourselves to Musiqtone
Eric – Well hello musiqtone! We are Since Forever a Pop/Rock band from Nashville, TN. We have been playing music as a band for two years now and we are gearing for our new release, the L.O.V.EP, which comes out 10.19.10. We are currently touring around the states doing house parties, venues and webchats. 
Ashley-How would you describe your music to those who have never heard it before?
Eric - We're kind of like if All Time Low's 'Put Up Or Shut Up' & Mayday Parade's 'A Lesson In Romantics' had a baby, and that baby had a summer fling with the Maine's early music.

Ashley-Tell us a little bit about your band-how did you get started, how did all this happen?
Taylor- We all met in college after playing in various bands… the rest of the story would take all day and is illegal to talk about in 12 states.

Ashley-Define yourselves with in the band.
Zach - Singer, hype man, networking
Jason – Drums, merch & Design, Loudness
Taylor - Guitar, BGV's, Trucking
Brendan - Guitar, little bit of vocals, roguish good looks
Eric - Bass, Internet hound, choreography

Ashley-I have heard a lot of your cover songs, they sound great. How do you decide which songs to cover? What is your favorite song that you have covered so far?
Zach - We like to find a delicate balance in our covers. It's a great way to reach out an find new listeners, while also testing our abilities in other genres. We have also done a few covers because they are songs that mean a lot to us as a band. And every now and then we take requests... My favorite so far has been either "Burn" by Usher or "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars. 

Ashley- The L.O.V.EP comes out in a few weeks; what was your inspiration for this EP?
Jason – Funny enough, our inspiration for this CD really did come from love and relationships. I don't think we knew this when we first started writing, but by the end of the writing process it became more and more apparent that we were taking our feelings and emotions from our relationships and putting them into the backbone of all the songs. 

Ashley-Tell us about the EP itself.
Brendan - Brendan - Well, the EP is (obviously) about love. We began writing it without the intention of it being a theme album, but after all the songs were written we realized that there was a loose story in it. Each song is supposed to be a different view of a relationship and although we wrote it from the perspective of a significant other relationship, I think the feelings can be applied to most any relationship. We wanted to create seven unique songs with the Since Forever 'sound'.

Ashley- What is your favorite part about creating music, or the process of putting together your EP?
Taylor- Probably the first time we play a new song together as a band. Everyone gives their input and it really takes the song to the next level.

Ashley- You play a lot of shows at Rocketown. Tell us what you love about playing there. Are you planning on expanding to tour elsewhere any time soon?
Jason- I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT PLAYING SHOWS AT ROCKETOWN!  I've been going to Rocketown ever since I was a wee little one going to shows. It's always been a wonderful, positive influence on kids and I hope they keep doing so for many years to come.
And yes, we have already expanded and toured a bit. I think now we are just waiting for this release before we begin our journey once again.

Ashley: What other bands have your played shows with? Do you have a favorite memory or funny story about playing shows with any of them?
Taylor – We’ve played with Gym Class Heroes, Thriving Ivory, Bayside, Cash Cash, Cartel & Versa Emerge and all of them were great experience. Oh and once I fell off Jason’s drums, we all laughed pretty hard.

Ashley: What bands have inspired you to create music; do you use any of their techniques or styles in your music?
Jason - Jimmy Eat World is my personal biggest inspiration.  I think as a whole for half the band Taking Back Sunday had a big influence, but Blink 182 definitely covers the spectrum for all of us.  Blink knew how to write the most amazing melodies and really reflect fun and energy through their music.
I wouldn't say we use any particular styles, we all just kind of come together and make each song. Every song has been written in a different fashion, I really like our style. It helps that everyone has a piece in the writing style, I think this helps keep us unique in a world where that’s very hard to do.

Ashley: Tell us a fact about each of you that might surprise people.
Zach - I still have 2 baby teeth. They just won't come out.
Taylor - I can't whistle
Jason – I still can't grow solid chest hair & I've never been beaten in NFL Blitz for the N64
Brendan - I have a fake front tooth, I am the fourth of five children and I was born in Wisconsin.
Eric- I have never seen any of the Harry Potter movies. 

Ashley: Is there a tour that you'd love to go on? Why?
Brendan -I think we'd love to be a part of an AP tour and the Warped tour, but we'd definitely love to tour with Go Radio.

Ashley: What bands would you love to tour with?
Taylor – Motley Crue, Dierks Bently, John Mayer, or Metro Station

Ashley: If you could create the perfect concert that you would like to go to, which bands would be playing?
Eric- Blink 182, You Me At Six, All Time Low* & Mayday Parade* (*Circa 2007)

Ashley: What is next for Since Forever?
Zach - Touring. A lot. We have so many places we would like to go and people we want to see. Now that we have the L.O.V.EP to tour on, I hope this new material helps us to reach everyone we can...

Ashley: Do you have anything else that you'd like to tell us? Any messages to your fans?
Zach- Thank you guys so much for being the backbone of our band. Without the support of friends and fans, it would be impossible to do what we do and we would definitely not be in the amazing position we are now. So thank you all so much. 
Taylor – My two favorite things in the world are backrubs & and our fans… oh and fruit gushers!
Jason – 1. Make sure you get a copy of the L.O.V.EP
2. We love you all very much, and we will never be able to give back enough thanks.
3. I will say this lastly. If you haven't seen our live show, you haven't truly experienced Since Forever.
Brendan - Let's meet each other.
Eric - To our fans, I love you to death and owe everything that has happened with SF to you. It's such a great blessing to see all of your faces at shows, comments on websites, and just your overall support. You are making my dreams come true, so thank you. Could not do this thing without you. 

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