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The Hot Sweat
We Are In The Crowd
We Are In The Crowd
By Stephanie Mora --Regional Head, Pacific/Southwest

March 26th, 2011. It wasn't your typical day in the usually sunny California. Outside the weather was rainy and dreary but that didn't bring down the spirits of Hopeless Records signed band, We Are The In Crowd. Inside the venue, We Are The In Crowd members Tay Jardine, Jordan Eckes, Mike Ferri, Rob Chianelli and Cameron Hurley put on a kick ass show. Performing songs from their EP "Guaranteed To Disagree" such as Carry Me Home, Never Be What You Want, Both Sides Of The Story, etc, their set was full of energy and really brought the crowd to life. You can't deny the stage presence and passion they bring to their music and live shows.

This past year has been a whirlwind for We Are The In Crowd. Similar to the Energizer Bunny, they just keep going and going. A cheesy comparison, but the point is made. It all began with the release of their EP and has been followed by filming music videos, non-stop touring and more writing. Currently part of the Glamour Kills Tour 2011 (alongside The Ready Set, The Downtown Fiction, You Me And Everyone We Know, All Star Weekend), and previously touring with Hey Monday, The Ready Set, This Century, Cartel and being a part of Warped Tour; this will quite literally be 3 tours in a row for the band.

So how exactly do Tay Jardine and Jordan Eckes feel about their hectic, busy schedule? Musiqtone was able to catch up with them at the Sacramento, CA stop on the Glamour Kills Tour and find out. When asked if they have had any breaks at all Tay said, "We got a break in between this tour (Glamour Kills Tour) and the last tour. We went to a wedding in Florida, and then we were actually in California doing some writing. But I actually prefer to be doing something or touring. I had a few days at home and I was sitting on my bed like, 'I want to be doing something.' I kind of went stir-crazy."

Want to find out why they were in California writing? Want to hear some funny things that go on behind the scenes of the Glamour Kills Tour? Want to find out what's up next for We Are The In Crowd? Want to see some concert footage in case you haven't made it to a show? Well, you have come to the right place. Watch the full interview with performance clips included below.

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