Damato"Get over your self-ness." That is singer/songwriter, Jason Damato's outlook on life. Given that he left home when he was just 16 years old and had a rough few years trying to pursue his dream, it is admirable Damato has such a simple yet positive motto. The California native's years of struggling on the streets in the city of Los Angeles did not go unnoticed. Damato was able to put together an EP entitled Floating Down A River and was soon discovered by major recording label, Universal Motown. Now, 23 year old Damato is establishing himself as an artist in the music world. He was able to write and record his debut album for Universal Motown entitled Everybody VS U & Me which is due out later this year, his debut single Angels is now out on Hot AC radio, he just wrapped up a college tour and is now headed back to LA to film the music video for Angels.

Believe me when I say that you are going to want to give Damato a listen. A really good listen. His passion and raw emotions really show through his music yet it's still easy listening. His experiences and hardships are portrayed in his lyrics which listeners will be able to relate to on a personal level. To top it all off, he has a voice that could easily give Bruno Mars a run for his money. As cliche as it may sound, what you get from Damato is a lot of heart and a lot of soul.  

Heart and soul is definitely what Damato delivered on Saturday April 9th, 2011 at Sacramento State University in Sacramento, California. His live show was filled with meaningful and inspirational lyrics that were tied together by catchy and upbeat melodies. Some songs even gave a very island like vibe that just made you want to sway to the beat. Damato gave an outstanding vocal performance, engaged the crowd and was fun to watch.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Damato before his set began and he answered a few questions for Learn more about his background/struggles, how he got his start in the music world, his upcoming debut album and much more in this interview. He also answers some fun questions and a live performance of his single Angels is included.

You can get more information about Damato by visiting he Facebook and Twitter pages:

Damato V-Seater
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