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Haley Reinhart
Tony Lucca is an adult contemporary singer songwriter who has played his hand in just about everything in the entertainment industry. I had the chance to speak with Tony Lucca recently about his favorite part of his current tour, how he makes the decision of which of his amazing songs to perform live, and what the first record he ever owned was. Continue reading to find out what Tony had to say!

Hailey:  You’re currently on tour, what is your favorite thing about touring?
Tony: I love touring, it’s cool to be in a different town every day. You really get to see a lot of the country when you tour which is awesome. I love traveling with my friends. My band has really become some of my closest friends. We have a great time when we make the rounds. It’s great to see all of the fans as well. All of the fans from all of the different parts of the country that have been tuning in for a while. This tour in particular it’s really cool to meet some of the new fans that have sort of entered since The Voice. Without hesitation the toughest part about it is being away from my wife and kids. When it was just me I use to run to the road. Now, I have to map it out meticulously so that I am spending as little time away from my wife and kids as possible, and that doesn’t get any easier.

HS: No plans on bringing them out with you on the road as your band?
TL: You know eventually, we want to have them out with me with a tutor and a nanny rolling down the highway on a big tour bus. [Laughs] That would be a lot of fun!

HS: You have so many fantastic songs, how do you decide which songs to perform live?
TL: Yeah, that’s a little tricky as of late because we are trying to incorporate a lot of the songs from The Voice, the show, and that’s been a lot of fun. The band have really enjoyed digging in on the songs. We’re just trying to show everyone how far we’ve come. There are a handful of my songs that the majority of people would like to hear. So I just to play some of those songs. There are still a lot of fans from the old days that come to shows now and they don’t really hear much of what they want to hear. But we can’t really please everyone all the time.

HS: Do you have a favorite song that you love to perform every night?
TL: Yeah, we’ve been performing Britney’s [Spears] Baby One More Time from The Voice and that’s been a lot of fun each night. The crowd really digs that one.

HS: Having performed for so many years, do you ever get nervous before a performance, how do you handle that?
TL: Um. No. [Laughs] Some shows are a little more, you know, nerve wracking than others depending on who’s there. How important the performance is. But without a doubt, the most nervous I’ve ever been and probably will ever be was for my blind audition on The Voice. That was ridiculous. I’ve never been that nervous in my entire life, it was wild.

HS: Well you seem to have done pretty well for yourself!
TL: Thank you.

HS: You were busy this year with The Voice, how has it furthered your career as a musician?
TL: Well I definitely learned a lot on the show. I learned what I am made of and what my potential just might be. I learned how to take stronger risks in concert and enjoy myself a little more while I am working. These are all some things I think I was lacking going into it. I definitely had a very beneficial and extremely educational experience. And now the landscape has changed quite a bit. Ticket sales are up, record sales have gone up and there are just so many more fans and that is everything I could have hoped for.

HS: Did you go back and watch the performances each night to help yourself learn week to week?
TL: Yeah, I would try to watch the performance when it aired. We had lobby parties in the hotel everyone would go down and watch the show together. You’d see things that worked and things that didn’t work.

HS: I always wondered if you were able to watch yourself, because I’ve heard of a lot of performers can’t watch their own performances. So that’s really awesome that you were able to and let it help you for the better each week.
TL: Yeah, I mean I think anyone that says that is either entirely too insecure or don’t really care if what they are doing is enough or can be improved upon. Which is fine, some artists don’t want to concern themselves with that, but me, I always want to improve and if that’s a way to improve then I’m all about it.

HS: The Voice allowed you to get back into television, do you want to get back into doing both television and performing or was that a one-time thing?
TL: No, I’m not opposed to getting back into television. I’d love to do a guest spot on a TV show. I enjoyed the process. Film and television are a great collaborative effort and I enjoy it. But my main concern is making music.

HS: What was the first record you ever owned, how did you get it?
TL: Damn, the first record? The first record I ever owned was a 45, a group called Madness and the song was Our House.

HS: What was the moment that you knew being a full time touring musician was what you wanted to do with the rest of your life?
TL: Long before I ever became one. I was eight. I saw a guitar on the wall at a music shop and I said, “I want to be a rockstar.”

HS: If you could work with anyone living or dead in the studio or live who would it be?
TL: Marvin Gaye, I love his music and he had a really awesome approach to going after what he was hearing in the studio and he took huge risks that all paid off over the years.

HS: Even though you’re just starting out on your current tour, what’s next for you after this tour?
TL: I will probably get back into the studio. I’ve kind of been writing through the summer and accumulating material. It looks like I will have something ready in early 2013, so I will probably spend the holidays in the studio.

HS: That’s great, I can’t wait to hear it. Is there anything else you would like Musiqtone to know and your fans.
TL: Just a huge thank you to everyone who might have reached out during The Voice to vote. It obviously got me to where I wound up on the show and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. Check out my website at,, and that would be geat!

HS: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us at Musiqtone!
TL: Thank you!
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